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"Futures End - Chapter 36": In the hopes of saving the life of Frankenstein, Amethyst has brought his body to the Justice League Dark in the House of Mystery. Unfortunately, [[Nimue Inwudu (Futures E

Quote1.png McG, Even without a doomed future, life is too short to screw around. Wait. I kinda meant the opposite of that. Quote2.png

The New 52: Futures End #36 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 7, 2015.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 36"

In the hopes of saving the life of Frankenstein, Amethyst has brought his body to the Justice League Dark in the House of Mystery. Unfortunately, Madame Xanadu concedes that Frankenstein is beyond their magic. This frustrates Amethyst, because Ray Palmer had just told her that he was beyond science. Suddenly, Frankenstein coughs and gasps back to life. Realizing where he is, he warns Amethyst that she should not have brought him there. He reminds her of his long life to this point, and explains that if the Nth Metal in his blood means the end of it - so it must be.

He is rudely interrupted by Constantine, who appears from nowhere, much to Amethyst's annoyance, since she'd told him she'd kill him if she ever saw him again. Without hesitation, she takes out her sword, and thrusts it through his chest.

On the ocean floor, Fifty Sue searches for the DNA vault that sank from Cadmus Island during the attack on it.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Sue's companions and creators debate what is to be done with her. King Faraday had put a hit out on Sue under the orders of Sgt. Rock, but the pair cannot hide that fact from Sue's reluctant father figure, Cole Cash. When Cole realizes that his own friend Voodoo was contracted for that hit, he is prevented from doing anything about it by Sue's sudden return. When she reports that she found the vault, Rock demands proof that she found it, and growing annoyed with him, she teleports it right into the room, along with several gallons of sea water.

John Constantine wakes suddenly from his sleep, and his companion Midge wonders what he dreamed of. He admits frankly that he had died again - not the first time - and wonders where Superman went while he was asleep. As it turns out, he went for a walk in the streets of Smallville, and was kind enough to buy Midge some clothes. To Superman's annoyance, John explains that the town of Smallville was built upon evil ground. Midge - under Brainiac's influence - comments that these places are traps. John optimistically suggests that good people like Superman and the Kents are drawn to such people in order to compensate for the evil. Superman's rocket crashing in Smallville may not have been an arbitrary occurrence.

After narrowly escaping the cyborg hybrid of Batman and the Joker, Terry McGinnis worries that he's going to need help both in stopping Brother Eye and avoiding this time's own Batman. He suspects that Tim Drake may be the right man for that job. Unfortunately, his bar has been closed down in his absence - and so all they can do is wait for him to come back or turn up somewhere. To his surprise, his companion Plastique suggests that they use their free time to get intimate - a prospect that excites him, though he admits nervously that he's never done anything like that before. Fighting a war doesn't leave much time for such things. Unbeknownst to them, this time's Batman watches them from afar.

In the Justice League Defense Station, Stormguard confronts Billy Batson about the fact that he is still appearing as both Superman and Shazam in Metropolis, despite his claims that he has to hold up the illusion that Superman fights for the people of Earth. He wonders if Stormguard still thinks about the real Superman at all, and he admits that he had barely known the Kryptonian. He watched a number of men and women die for their country. He himself had been on White House security detail when the Parademons struck in full force. Despite his exhaustion in the battle, he couldn't stop fighting them. Defeat was not an option. That day, he wrapped himself in the American Flag, and single-handedly took down the Parademon forces, becoming a symbol for the people.

Their conversation is interrupted when Madison Payne appears in the Justice League teleporter, begging for their help. They recognize her as Firestorm, but are confused as to who she is.

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