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"Futures End - Chapter 37": Despite having just been stabbed in the heart by Amethyst, John Constantine is still standing. He explains that as he now appears before the Justice League Dark in the [[H

Quote1.png Game? Jaysus, Superman, what kind of idiot r'yea? This ain't a game -- a game 'as winners and losers! This is life... Quote2.png
John Constantine

The New 52: Futures End #37 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 14, 2015.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 37"

Despite having just been stabbed in the heart by Amethyst, John Constantine is still standing. He explains that as he now appears before the Justice League Dark in the House of Mystery, he is merely an astral projection, knowing well enough to stay a safe distance from the princess. He adds that he's currently on a much more important mission than merely saving Frankenstein, elsewhere. More lives than the monster's depend on it.

Even so, he can offer some help - which Amethyst is reluctant to accept, given that the last time she trusted him, he allowed Parademons through the portal to Gemworld, and trapped them there - ensuring that all of the mystical realm's population would be murdered or enslaved. John insists that his decision saved millions more lives in this realm. Weakly, Frankenstein warns Amethyst not to trust John. Annoyed, the Englishman responds that even if they don't want his help, he can at least tell them that the only way to save Frank is to take him to where he was born - Castle Frankenstein.

On the Justice League Defence Station, Jason Rusch attempts to instruct Madison Payne in modifying one of the Justice League's transporters to replicate the properties of the copies built by Doctor Yamazake. Jason hopes that by replicating the experiment-gone-wrong that caused their problems, he will be able to separate himself and Madison from the Firestorm Matrix, and return her to normal. Unfortunately, they are distracted from their efforts by an attack on Metropolis by Doctor Yamazake, who now calls himself Polaris, having built a suit that affects magnetic fields for himself. He calls out for Firestorm, threatening a bus full of innocents if she doesn't come to him soon.

Fortunately, Superman comes to the bus' rescue instead. Yamazake claims he wouldn't really have hurt the hostages, but he has no qualms about brutally attacking members of the Justice League he blames for his wife's death. Stormguard comes to Superman's aid. Watching from the satellite, Madison wonders why the League had tried to hamper Dr. Yamazake's transporter designs. Jason responds that the technology could have been used in disastrous ways. Madison wonders what gave the League the right to make that judgment. As they enter the modified transporter together, it begins to separate them, but Madison senses something is wrong. A jolt of energy causes the transporter to overload, and she is thrown from the transporter - still trapped in the Firestorm Matrix with Jason.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, the locked DNA lab from Cadmus Island has just been teleported by Fifty Sue to the top of a sky-scraper. Unfortunately, its weight causes it to rip right through the side of the building, and crash into the street. King Faraday suggests that Lana Lang speak with Sue and have her send the vault to a secure location, as the DNA inside it is important. Hearing this, Sue realizes that the DNA was used in her creation. Worried about what Sue might do with the information, Mercy uses her death-touch on the girl, and Sue drops dead.

Cole Cash is not pleased by Mercy's actions, and wonders if Voodoo was in on it. She admits that she was, and he grumpily accuses her of possibly killing his assistant Justin. Insulted by the accusation, she coldly responds that Justin is safe with her companions Banger and Mash. By the time she finishes her sentence, though, she discovers that Cole, Lana, Sue, and the DNA vault have all disappeared.

At his offices in Terrifitech, preparing for the release of the uSpheres to the public in three weeks' time. Excited people are already lining up to get their hands on them. Michael is pleased and his A.I. knows it.

Meanwhile, in Smallville, Clark Kent tires of Constantine's games, reminding that he had been told Brainiac was there. John corrects that he'd said Brainiac was coming to Smallville.

In New York City, Cal Corcoran returns to find his bar and apartment have been boarded up and condemned in his absence. As he curses the downturn his life has taken, Plastique and Terry McGinnis have been wasting the time they spent waiting for his return by sleeping together. His angry shouting rouses them from their romance, and Terry flies down as Batman to confront him. Recognizing him as the one who had used the Tonga Death Touch in his bar, Cal punches him in the face. Before Terry can smooth things over and ask for Cal's help, though, the cyborg hybrid of Batman and The Joker arrives to kill him.

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