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"Futures End - Chapter 38": The cyborg Batman-Joker Hybrid from the future is attacking Terry McGinnis in an effort to prevent him from changing the past to prevent a future in which [[Brother Eye (Futures

Quote1.png Everything that's happening right now is because you and Mr. Terrific created a world where freedom is ruled by slavery. Quote2.png
Batman (Terry McGinnis)

The New 52: Futures End #38 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 21, 2015.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 38"

The cyborg Batman-Joker Hybrid from the future is attacking Terry McGinnis in an effort to prevent him from changing the past to prevent a future in which Brother Eye destroys the human race. Terry, of course, doesn't know this, but fortunately, his suit protects both him and Tim Drake from the hail of bullets. From nearby, this time's Batman leaps down to face the cyborg, warning Tim away. Tim ignores his warnings, and is disturbed when he sees that half of the cyborg is Batman. With difficulty, the cyborg Batman warns him to get away, but he's too late to stop the Joker from taking control and grabbing Tim. It then turns its attention to the Batman of this time, and it is only Terry and Plastique who can rescue him.

After taking out the cyborg, Terry reluctantly explains to Bruce that he is only present in this time to prevent him from joining with Mr. Terrific in creating a world where freedom is ruled by slavery. Knowing that the cyborg will recover, Terry sends Plastique with Bruce and Tim as their protection, and leads the cyborg away on his own.

Thanks to his metal armour, Stormguard is quickly trapped by Dr. Polaris, who has attacked Metropolis in an attempt to draw Firestorm and the Justice League he hates out of hiding. Stormguard, however, is not like the super-powered heroes he hates, and he tries to convince him to give up his allegiance to the League. Annoyed, Superman attacks Polaris, and begins tearing his containment suit apart, lecturing him for daring to behave as if he was the only one who lost someone during the war. He is surprised, though, when Firestorm stops his hand mid-punch and warns him to let Yamazake go. Superman attempts to pull rank, but she uses her powers to open a hole in the ground and drop him into the sewers. The dictatorial behaviour of Leaguers like Superman is only serving to prove Yamazake right - that the League is abusing its power, thinking it's superior.

Against Jason Rusch's warnings, Madison rebuilds Yamazake's suit for him and promises to give him help if he will help her get out of the Firestorm Matrix. She admits that she agrees that the League should have shared transporter technology with the world instead of hording it for themselves. So, she intends to take him to the Justice League Satellite where they can use the transporter there to restore her to normal - and in exchange, he will be allowed to take that technology to the world.

Fifty Sue, meanwhile, has taken Cole Cash and Lana Lang - along with the DNA vault from Cadmus Island - to the Sahara Desert. Cole is reluctant to take on the role of father-figure that's been thrust upon him, despite the fact that he has little choice in the matter. Lana, though, insisted on taking the role of mother, and warns Sue that she should neither scare her by faking death again, nor go back to Las Vegas and kill Mercy for attempting to kill her. Though she is grumpy about it, Sue is amused by her companions' reluctant settling into those roles.

Sue suggests that they sell the stolen vault, though Lana would rather they destroyed it. Cole reminds that it contains the DNA of every known superhuman of two worlds. In the wrong hands, it could be devastating. Indecisively, Lana suggests they hide it. Cole reminds that Faraday would seek it, and might put their lives at risk to make Sue give up its location. Sue gets annoyed with his cynicism and sends him to Antarctica while she ponders how to get inside the vault.

In the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, Amethyst drags her weak friend Frankenstein through the snow in the hopes of reaching Castle Frankenstein, where she believes she may be able to restore him to health. Unfortunately, the castle is home to monsters who attack them on sight. They are surprised though when a man warns the monsters to leave them alone, revealing himself as Frankenstein's father, Baron Frankenstein.

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