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"Futures End - Chapter 39": On the Justice League Defense Station, Madison Payne escorts Doctor Polaris to the teleporters, despite his crimes, hoping that he can use his scientific knowledge to reprod

Quote1.png Nice work, Sunshine... They'll keep comin' though, in amber waves... because he's comin'. S'why all this is happenin'. There's a piece of the world, he wants. Quote2.png
John Constantine

The New 52: Futures End #39 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2015. It was published on January 28, 2015.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 39"

On the Justice League Defense Station, Madison Payne escorts Doctor Polaris to the teleporters, despite his crimes, hoping that he can use his scientific knowledge to reproduce the conditions that trapped her with Jason Rusch in the Firestorm Matrix and get her out of it. In exchange, she has promised him the chance to study the teleporter technology, and bring it to everyone, so that the Justice League doesn't have unwarranted exclusive rights to it. Despite her superior power-set, Superman is opposed to the idea - especially since he doesn't know her. When she explains her identity, he realizes that he's met her before. She assures him that Polaris can be trusted - and he's right to want to bring the technology to everyone. Reluctantly, Superman backs off.

In Las Vegas, the aftermath of Fifty Sue's actions has seen a police line surrounding the building, which has half-collapsed. On the ground, Banger and Mash suppose correctly that Fifty Sue was involved in the destruction. Banger demands Justin's phone to call her companions inside the building.

Grumpily, King Faraday, admits that of course it was Sue's doing, and gives Banger permission to do away with Justin as she sees fit. Angrily, Voodoo tries to make him rescind that order. Before he can do so, he receives another call from Banger, who reports that Justin has simply disappeared before her eyes. Faraday assumes this means Fifty Sue has taken him too.

At a pizza place, Cole Cash explains to Justin that he has been recruited by Fifty Sue to be her older brother - whether he wants to be or not. Without a word, Justin reaches into a grocery bag, pulls out a bottle of booze, and chugs from it. Eagerly, Cole and Lana beg for a go at it, prompting Sue to warn that only one of them is allowed to have a drinking problem.

As Clark Kent warns John Constantine that he doesn't want to be dragged back into the super-heroic game again, John's companion Midge hears the sounds of Brainiac's creations calling to her, and she wanders into a nearby cornfield. Suddenly, a horde of tiny little creatures rushes out of the corn to attack Superman. As Clark shakes them from his body, Midge is skewered by an errant stalk of corn. Superman burns the cornfield down with his heat-vision as John rushes to Midge's side and offers her one last chance for redemption before she dies. She reveals that Brainiac plans to take Manhattan. Hearing this, Superman is gone in an instant, and John lights a cigarette as he offers final comforts to Midge.

At Castle Frankenstein, Frankenstein is surprised to be reunited with his maker, Dr. Victor Frankenstein. He is, however, not pleased about it. He considers his father evil incarnate - slave to dark magics that were used to make him. As the doctor reaches for Frankenstein, Amethyst threatens him to stand back, with sword raised, drawing the ire of all of the doctor's other creations. Victor warns that she needs him alive, if they are to save Frank's life. He offers a bargain: he will save Frank, if Frank will allow himself to become his docile, loyal soldier. His choice is to die, or live as a slave to his maker. Of course, Frankenstein's choice is clear, and Amethyst begs him to be sure of it before he makes his decision. Frank reminds that he has seen a horrifying future, and he would rather die than take part in it. Through tears, Amethyst accepts his decision, and then slices Victor's head from his neck. Before long, the monsters are upon her, and she cuts her way through them as well. Weakly, Frank begs her to burn his maker's body, so that he cannot come back. In the meantime, though, he wishes to write his story.

While Madison and Superman watch over Polaris, a signal indicates an incoming projectile near one of the League's deep space probes. Viewing on screen, they witness their probe destroyed suddenly - along with several other probes, until none remain. The League is blind to deep space - and something bad must be coming.

Appearing in "Futures End - Chapter 39"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Brainiac (Behind the scenes)
  • Dr. Polaris
  • Victor Frankenstein (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Midge (Dies)
  • Mercy
  • Ethan Boyer
  • Sgt. Rock





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