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"Futures End - Chapter 45": Amethyst has spent the last few weeks at Castle Frankenstein, trying to save the life of her friend Frankenstein. After killing his creator, Frankenstein's condition did n

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The New 52: Futures End #45 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 11, 2015.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 45"

Amethyst has spent the last few weeks at Castle Frankenstein, trying to save the life of her friend Frankenstein. After killing his creator, Frankenstein's condition did not improve, but he did feel invigorated enough to share his story with her, which she recorded in a book. Unfortunately, before getting to the end - the story of their own lives together, he began to feel weaker, and warned Amethyst that she might have to write that part herself. Reaching up from his bed, he places his hand on the scars of her face and worried that she had let them change who she was, from the girl she was when they first met. He told her that he could still see the princess in her, though, despite her having lost her world and people to Apokolips. He promised her that it was not too late for her to change back. After all, he had lived a monster - but he would die a man. With that, he died in her arms. After laying him to rest, Amethyst resolved to regain her homeland or die trying. And in his memory, she would wield Frankenstein's sword in the battle.

Now, in New York City, the Justice League wonders what to do with the remains of Brainiac's controller in the middle of the city. With Dr. Polaris' help, they detach the machine from the planet's crust, and Superman carries it up into space, to be hurled into the sun. In Superman's absence, though, Dr. Polaris disappears, and Firestorm volunteers to look for him, having vouched for him in the first place. As she searches, her partner Jason Rusch warns that Polaris is responsible for their friend Ronnie's death, and he isn't worth their time, when others are in danger. Madison admits that he is right, stopping to help a group of children in a crashed school bus get home. Seeing her good work, Shazam declares that she is - as far as he's concerned - an official member of the Justice League.

Superman returns to Earth to find Lois Lane waiting for him, admitting that she was worried he wouldn't come back. He reminds that he always comes back when he's needed - but coyly chooses not to answer whether he intends to remain once the city is back on its feet. Lois grins, and comments that she likes his beard.

Upstate, Ethan Boyer and King Faraday visit a quaint house in the middle of nowhere, as Faraday explains that they have come for an important purpose which has everything to do with what happened to Manhattan. After stepping inside, he hits Ethan with a taser, and turns to Voodoo, who is already there, explaining that she will be needed to occupy this house and ensure that nobody breaches the perimeter in the meantime. She is to protect his hideaway. Opening an elevator in the floor of the house, he steps inside, dragging Ethan with him, and enters a facility deep underground. Voodoo senses that things are about to get worse even than they have been, and Faraday confirms it, warning that what he saw on Cadmus Island frightened him enough to need to go underground. She leaves him down there, and his facility is sealed off. As she returns to the ground floor, however, she is suddenly rendered unconscious by a gas, delivered by Frank Rock, who followed them there with her former allies.

Having helped to save New York from Brainiac, Batman is having trouble enjoying that fact. Ignoring his wet-blanket demeanour, Mister Terrific orders Brother Eye to disengage from the power grid, but is surprised when the A.I. refuses, fluctuating the power in the building. Elsewhere, Terry McGinnis experiences the blackout, and realizes that Brother Eye - the intelligence he came to stop, has arrived - and now it knows who he is. Rather than let him stop its expansion, Brother Eye begins infecting the corpses strewn about the building with its intelligence, as a first line of defence.

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  • Banger & Mash
  • Coil
  • Ethan Boyer
  • Frank Rock
  • Key
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  • Tim Drake





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