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"Futures End - Chapter 46": At Terrifitech, Batman and Michael Holt can't seem to find any way to shut down Brother Eye - the artificial intelligence that they created. Brother Eye won't explain it

Quote1.png It's a long story, and we don't have much time, so I'll stat at the end of it... The future depends on us. Quote2.png
Batman (Terry McGinnis)

The New 52: Futures End #46 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 18, 2015.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 46"

At Terrifitech, Batman and Michael Holt can't seem to find any way to shut down Brother Eye - the artificial intelligence that they created. Brother Eye won't explain its motives to them either, but Terry McGinnis appears, revealing that he will. Meanwhile, Plastique and Tim Drake are having difficulty holding back the horde of cyborgs that Brother Eye created to kill them. Hoping to bring them down, Plastique blows the door the creatures are pressing against, but it only serves to allow the throngs behind those destroyed to get through.

Upstate, Frank Rock wakes from his sleep to find that he's been paralyzed by Lana Lang, who warns that he should not be trying to track her and her family down. She reveals that she had powers all along, and had kept them secret - but she can can take on the abilities of insects. She promises that if he leaves her family alone, she will leave him alone. And if he doesn't listen, the next person to deal with him will be Fify Sue. After making their point, Lana and Sue return to Cole and Justin at a diner.

Terry explains that he was given a time-band that had enough power for a single jump, but he missed his mark. Ray Palmer suggests that they find a way to re-power it and send Terry back to where he was supposed to end up. Batman rejects this plan, choosing instead to go himself. Terry notes that he expected this, and reminds that he is only there at the request of a dying man: Bruce's future self. While Ray works on recharging the belt, Terry returns to the halls to check on his friends. They're not doing well, as they're overrun by the cyborgs. Coil, though, notes that because they are fused with metal, they must also be magnetic, which means he can give them an advantage.

Firestorm, meanwhile, returns a lost child to his mother, and notes to her companion Jason Rusch that she enjoys helping people a lot more than beating up baddies. He concurs, but is surprised when she suddenly makes a dive toward the Wounded Duck Bar, which has been condemned and destroyed. She becomes nostalgic, and Jason suggests that she reveal to her former boyfriend, Tim, that she is still alive. She's skeptical about it, as they still haven't found a way to separate from each other, and so she could never expect to live a normal life. Their discussion is interrupted by a call from the Justice League, asking her to go to Terrifitech.

Terry fights his way through the cyborgs, with a T-Sphere to allow Michael to monitor his activity, while A.L.F.R.E.D. scolds him for revealing anything about the future to his present-day allies. Terry tells him to shut off as he reunites with his companions, and immediately knocks them out of the way as the Joker/Batman hybrid cyborg appears and rains a hail of bullets in their direction. Despite saving their lives, Terry is caught by the cyborg, who holds him out a window, over the street. Terry responds by engaging his boot-thrusters, pulling the cyborg out over the edge, and dropping it to the pavement. Terry returns to the building, and Tim helps him to his feet. Terry admits that Tim doesn't make it to the future, but if they work together they can prevent that from happening. Finally, Tim agrees to be a part of the plan. Unfortunately, Terry's been hit by too many bullets, and his suit couldn't stop them all. Plastique rushes to his side, hoping to get him to the doctor, but Terry stops her. He begs her to just stay put, and be the last thing he sees before he dies in her arms.

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