"Futures End - Chapter 8": On Cadmus Island, Slade Wilson and King Faraday discuss the role that Grifter will play in their team. Faraday is aware that Cole's powers are evolving, though Slade is skepti

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The New 52: Futures End #8 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2014. It was published on June 25, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End - Chapter 8"

On Cadmus Island, Slade Wilson and King Faraday discuss the role that Grifter will play in their team. Faraday is aware that Cole's powers are evolving, though Slade is skeptical. Fifty Sue, meanwhile has taken an interest in Cole, though she doesn't like him much. When he comments that she reminds him of why he doesn't like kids, she responds by sending him flying violently into the sea - yet another perimeter breach for Cole. As such, an OMAC locates him and retrieves him for the second time this week.

Afterwards, Sue explains that if she had really wanted to hurt him, she would have. With all her power, nobody can do anything to stop her from using it. Cole wonders, then, why she took an interest in him. She responds that she was supposed to be Slade Wilson's side-kick, not him. She is unmoved by his profession that he did not ask to work with Slade.

In Metropolis, meanwhile, Lois Lane learns that the numbers on a scrap of paper from the mystery box she was delivered must be map coordinates - though they don't point to anywhere of note. Sure that something must be waiting for here at the location, Lois has one of her employees charter her a jet (on her personal credit) to find out for herself. With the continued existence of The Fast Lane resting on her shoulders, it is incredibly important that this story pan out for Lois.

At Columbia University, Jason Rusch continues to aid Doctor Yamakaze in developing and testing a teleportation device in order to bring that technology to the rest of the world, when previously only the Justice League had had a monopoly on it. Unfortunately, their tests consume too much power, and their test subject - a plate - does not survive the process. With a heavy emotional investment in the device, Doctor Yamakaze blames Jason for the failure, and leaves to think.

Afterward, Jason receives an unexpected visit from Superman, demanding to know why Firestorm has missed the last two League meetings. Jason responds that he and Ronnie Raymond have ended their partnership and Firestorm is no more. Grimly, Superman responds that the downsides of building transportation technology of this kind might dwarf the upsides, and warns that Firestorm is needed. Jason and Ronnie will have to resolve their differences.

For three days, Ray Palmer, Frankenstein and Amethyst have been in the Huron System, investigating the ruins of Stormwatch's Carrier. After setting up base in the ruins, Amaya and Frankenstein collected the bodies of Stormwatch for study. However, the bodies of Apollo and The Engineer were nowhere to be found. Having lost his arm in battle while they passed through the Phantom Zone, Frankenstein has a handicap. As a solution, Ray slices off Hawkman's arm as a replacement.

In Southeast Asia, a team of soldiers discovers that the bombings from the war with Earth 2 revealed a cavern with a temple inside it. Inside the temple, though, there also lives a God. The investigative team warns their compatriots that it is not safe to venture down into the cavern, lest this God come for them. They are too late, though.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, John Constantine notes that his girlfriend Midge was dreaming in Laotian. Having woken with a start, she responds that her dream portended the coming of a great threat. John is aware, and admits that he will need help to stave it off.

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