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"Futures End, Chapter 9": Lois Lane follows the lead she found in her mystery box to the Indian Ocean, hoping that the numbers she found on a slip of paper within it are in fact map coordinates. Much as she searches the sea for a sign of anything hidden th

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The New 52: Futures End #9 is an issue of the series The New 52: Futures End (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 2, 2014.

Synopsis for "Futures End, Chapter 9"

Lois Lane follows the lead she found in her mystery box to the Indian Ocean, hoping that the numbers she found on a slip of paper within it are in fact map coordinates. Much as she searches the sea for a sign of anything hidden there, she can't find anything, and her plane is running low on fuel as it is. However, she can't see anything because the entire island she has been sent to find is hidden by supernatural means.

On Cadmus Island, Slade Wilson suggests to Cole Cash that he would be best off not angering Fifty Sue. In fact, Cole's only mandate at this point is to follow Slade's orders - and that being the only order thus far, Slade suggests he work on it. He explains that he and Fifty Sue kill people for King Faraday, and Cole's unique ability to see the super-humans who hide in plain sight means he can be of help to them in seeing through the deceptions that make their job difficult. Beyond killing, Cadmus wants to procure as many super-humans as possible, and Cole will be instrumental in locating the closeted ones. And, of course, Cole has no choice in the matter. Slade shows Cole to a prison where they have captured superhumans from Earth 2, and Cole begins to realize why he's needed.

At the Metropolis Armory Ward, Madison Payne visits her father, who is confused as to why she'd visit him in the world's crappiest prison. She explains that she wants to know about when he conspired with the enemy before he was caught. The invaders had trusted him with secrets. She hopes he might know something about the deaths of the Teen Titans. Suddenly, though, they are both startled as a breakout-in-progress interrupts their visit. Rampage breaks a man named Ethan Boyer out of his visiting cell and knocks Madison to the ground in the process.

Superman crashes through the roof and attacks Rampage, who returns his punches in kind. However, Ethan, noting that she is outmatched, suggests that she distract Superman instead of fighting. To that end, she grabs Madison and flings her up into the sky. Superman rushes to her aid, but by the time he's saved her, Rampage and Boyer are gone.

At Terrifitech, Mister Terrific is troubled and fascinated by the body of the cyborg he retrieved after his attack on the mysterious new Batman. What troubles him is that the design of the technology is the sort of thing that could have been created using his theories and prototypes - technology simply hasn't caught up to him - or hadn't, given this discovery.

According to A.L.F.R.E.D., Brother Eye was disabled in the war with Earth 2 - but that knowledge had not reached them in the future because Brother Eye prevented it. He suggests that the future's events are proof that Brother Eye gets reactivated, and Terry McGinnis will need to take action to prevent that occurrence. That will require breaking into Terrifitech, like he had already tried to do. Terry has an idea, though. He can ally with team who is already trying to do just that.

In the Huron System, Ray Palmer attempts the nanosurgery required to attach Hawkman's arm to Frankenstein. Unfortunately, Hawkman is not as dead as they thought, and he isn't happy to have lost his arm.He explains that the Nth Metal in his blood has allowed him to remain alive. This leaves Amethyst with the unfortunate task of explaining that the rest of Stormwatch were killed, and S.H.A.D.E. sent them to find out what killed them. Unfortunately, Hawkman has no idea - and whatever it is, it's still out there.

Meanwhile, in the Ant Farm, Father Time monitors her agents' progress, knowing that what's coming threatens everyone on earth.

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