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The New Teen Titans Omnibus is a series of hardcovers collecting New Teen Titans stories from 1980s by Marv Wolfman.

This volume includes the final 17 issues and last two annuals of New Teen Titans (Volume 2) by Wolfman, before its relaunch as New Titans series. Also included are post-Crisis origins of Nightwing and Teen Titans from Secret Origins (Volume 2), by Dan Mishkin and George Pérez respectively.

The storylines include Teen Titans' last battle with Hybrid, Starfire being framed by the Wildebeest Society for murder, the team teaming up with Infinity, Inc. against Ultra-Humanite, Mother Mayhem giving birth to Brother Blood's child, Hammer and Sickle trying to kill Red Star.

The collection also contains the "Titans Tower" letter from Tales of the Teen Titans #91 by Mark Waid, who talks about the end of Tales of the Teen Titans (Volume 1) and the revitalization of Teen Titans; plus the Infinity Inc. #45 comic.



  • Also contains a story recap, pinup galleries, character profiles, and biographies of some creators who worked on the comics.