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The Other was one of the hundreds Timothy Hunters created by the real mage by accident, while he was a young and an inexperienced mage and created and destroyed realities in whims. The role of this Timothy Hunter was to be his Other, and help him become the Opener.

The Other was the most evil and destructive version of all Timothy Hunters, and with a wide arrays of magics, he traveled through all the imaginary worlds created by Timothy Hunter, and destroyed them, absorbing the magic of the deceased Tims and their worlds, until he could confront the original Tim Hunter and usurp his place[1]. While destroying worlds, he killed one of the most magically able and happiest Tim Hunters, but his master, Thomas Currie, escaped destruction and travelled realities until found the original Tim, and prepared him to confront his Other[2].

While searching for Timothy Hunter, he tried to force Molly O'Reilly into him, but she rejected him, and gave asylum to Smile, the Golem, and all the others imaginary friends of Timothy until he came back to his senses.[3] He later provoked and saw the accident that killed Holly Hunter, as he was discarding things that were useless in his new life as 'Tim'.

Finally The Other found the original 'Timothy Hunter', a duplicate created by Currie, so the original could escape for the time being until he would be able to succed against the Other, and killed both of them, usurping for a while the place of the original Tim Hunter.[4]

When Timothy Hunter finally accepted responsabilities for the Other, he came back to London to confront him. Not been able to win against him with his magic, as much of it was already in posession of the Other, so Tim made a pact with Barbatos: he would be his servant if Barbatos eats the memory of the Other been created, and thus, effectively destroying him. At the same moment, all of the imginary friends of Timothy arrived at the fighting place, and allowed this to happen, as they would also die, and was they desire.[5]


  • Magic: He is one of the greatest imaginary creations of Timothy Hunter, and at one time, he has absorbed much of his creator's magic, so he the potential to be the greatest magician of all Earth.



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