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"Death... Call Not My Name!": Three young girls are gathered in a night club, and one of them is invited to dance with a man called Tannarak. Shortly after, the girl drops dead, and her death brings both Dr. Thirteen and the [[Phantom St

Quote1.png Darkness comes in many shapes, many forms..the twisting forces of evil lurk in every shadow, every faint whisper of night. Quote2.png
Phantom Stranger

The Phantom Stranger (Volume 2) #10 is an issue of the series The Phantom Stranger (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1970.

Synopsis for "Death... Call Not My Name!"

Three young girls are gathered in a night club, and one of them is invited to dance with a man called Tannarak. Shortly after, the girl drops dead, and her death brings both Dr. Thirteen and the Phantom Stranger to investigate the situation. When one of the girls is kidnapped by Tannarak later in the streets, the two men track them down to Tannarak's secret lair.

Michele, the girl who was kidnapped, is remarkably similar to Dianna, one of Tannarak's childhood friends from centuries ago, during his time in Egypt. He reveals that when he was abandoned by her when they got caught stealing from a market. Since then, Tannarak became obsessed with cheating death, and soon obtained the Blood Stone and the Elixir of Death and both items allowed him to lock away his own humanity inside a statue, preventing him from ever aging and dying. After centuries of search, he finally has found his lover and he intends to use it to remove the Michele's soul and bring back Dianna, with him he shall live forever.

When the Stranger arrives, he confronts and battles Tannarak. The battle ends when the statue of himself falls on Tannarak, and apparently kills him. When Dr. Thirteen arrives he once more subscribes to the notion that everything that happened that night could be explained scientifically, but the evidence provided by Stranger indicates that Tannarak was truly an alchemist.

Appearing in "Death... Call Not My Name!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tannarak (First appearance) (Origin) (Apparent Death)

Other Characters:

  • Irene (Single appearance)
  • Lotti Schultz (Only appearance; dies)
  • Michele (Single appearance)



  • Elixir of Death (Single appearance)
  • Blood Stone (Single appearance)

Synopsis for "The Bewitched Clock!"

This story is reprinted from House of Mystery #11.

Appearing in "The Bewitched Clock!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Charlie's Crocodile"

Charles Cuddy is married to a wife who always demands more, and he's had enough. He decides to seek out a business listed in the classified adds stating that it can get rid of any pest. Along the way he is confronted by the Phantom Stranger, who warns Charles not to take business from this establishment.

Ignoring him, Charles seeks the service of the proprietor, Mr. Scratch, who gives him an inflatable crocodile to deal with his wife for free, only asking for the man's name and work place. That night Charles inflates it and puts it into their pool. Later when his wife goes for a swim the crocodile comes to life and kills her.

Enjoying his newfound freedom, Charles has his home all to himself and he throws a party, but some of the guests decide to prank Charles and place the inflatable crocodile inside the pool, just as he goes for a swim and his life ends in the same gruesome way as that of his former wife. The Phantom Stranger watches ominously from afar while Mr. Scratch cross Charles' name from a large book he keeps with the rest of his "clients'" names.

Appearing in "Charlie's Crocodile"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Charlie Cuddy (Only appearance; dies)


  • Mr. Scratch (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Elaine Cuddy (Only appearance; dies)



  • On the third story, the villain Mr. Scratch, keep tabs on the people who made deals with him and who are due payment with their lives. As he crosses Charlie's name from the list, other names can be seen including that of Managing Editor Carmine Infantino, editor Joe Orlando and artist Neal Adams, all of them working for National Periodical Publications.

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