"There is Laughter in Hell This Day!": While out in the tropics, Dr Thirteen and Marie witness a ceremony where a man is sacrificing himself to Tala, a death goddess that the indigenous people worship. Wh

Quote1 Who challenges the Phantom Stranger?...I will battle you wherever it will lead me in the world! Quote2
Phantom Stranger

The Phantom Stranger (Volume 2) #4 is an issue of the series The Phantom Stranger (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1969.

Appearing in "There is Laughter in Hell This Day!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tala (First appearance)

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "There is Laughter in Hell This Day!"

While out in the tropics, Dr Thirteen and Marie witness a ceremony where a man is sacrificing himself to Tala, a death goddess that the indigenous people worship. When Dr. 13 tries to debunk their beliefs as superstition, he unleashes Tala upon the world. Tala follows them back to the United States, riding their plane, where she engages in a brief battle with the Phantom Stranger in the air. However, when Dr. 13 confronts the Stranger after they land, he dismisses the whole episode as yet another hoax.

Later in New York, four teens (Mister Square, Wild Rose, Spartacus, and Attila) are looking for a way to make money, when they ask a local derelict, all they get is a book of spells for their trouble. Deciding to camp out in a haunted house, when they start reading the spells in the book they unleash Tala who attacks them with demons.

The Phantom Stranger arrives to stop her and his powers are able to cast her out, shortly after this victory Dr. 13 arrives with Marie and Dr. 13 begins to try to debunk the Phantom Stranger's claims of supernatural involvement. Upon further investigation of the house, they find it's original owner, a woman who was bricked into the the walls by a jealous husband. When the Phantom Stranger and the others recover her from the home, the building collapses and she dies, after the funeral and the woman is put to her grave, Phantom Stranger and Dr. 13 pay their respects, afterwards the Phantom Stranger teleports away, however Dr. 13 is not convinced that Phantom Stranger is anything but a hoax.

Appearing in "Out of This World"

Featured Characters:

  • Paul Selden (Single appearance)
  • Mrs. Shaw (Single appearance)

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Mary Shaw (Ghost)

Synopsis for "Out of This World"

The Phantom Stranger tells the story of Paul Selden, who picks up a girl by the side of the road during a rain storm. After taking her out to dance, he drops the girl off at home. When he tries to see her again, her mother brings him to the cemetery, to show her that the girl has been dead for years.


  • This issue is reprinted in Showcase Presents: The Phantom Stranger Vol. 1.
  • This issue is the first in the series to include completely new material. The issue marks the first appearance of the Phantom Stranger wearing his mystic blue cape. It is also the Phantom Stranger's first time making use of magic and mystical powers.
  • The first story is told in three chapters:
    • Chapter One: "There is Laughter in Hell This Day!"
    • Chapter II: "There is Laughter in Hell Tonight!"
    • Chapter 3: "Even the Walls Are Weeping!"


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