"American Hero?": Mike Hinks is forcefully pushed into a humvee and sits next to Agent Chivers, who tells him that he need to "amend" his "disservice".

The Programme #9 is an issue of the series The Programme (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2008.

Appearing in "American Hero?"

Featured Characters:

  • Max Keane
  • Senator Joe

Supporting Characters:

  • Mike Hinks
  • Chivers
  • McCoy


  • Stalingrad
  • Revolution
  • Spirit of Lenin
  • Pravda
  • Vladimir Korovin

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "American Hero?"

Mike Hinks is forcefully pushed into a humvee and sits next to Agent Chivers, who tells him that he need to "amend" his "disservice".

Stalingrad is choking Max. A young boy from the family that Max saved rushes over to get Stalingrad off, but is strongly brushed aside by the doll. Max punches Stalingrad and blast him away. He then checks on the family but is shocked to see that the boy is dead and cradled by his mother. When Max offers help to the mother, she distances herself and criticize him for failing to save her son.

Hinks is tied up and beaten by Chivers, who interrogates him in needing his cooperation for contributing to his knowledge on the Programme.

Meanwhile, Senator Joe reveals his reasons for helping the black resistance after having his mistreated origins acknowledged by Prof. Korovin.

Outside of Las Vegas, a saddened Max walks down a road and is stopped by American soldiers who are guarding the city's entrances and exits. Max easily brush them aside until other soldiers recognize him as "the American Hero" according to the news press. When looking at a paper clip, barring the title "American Hero?" Max answers to the soldiers that he doesn't see himself as a hero and leaves, while refusing to help fighting the Russian dolls.

In Las Vegas, Stalingrad is helped out of the rubble by the other dolls, and states that Max is much stronger and powerful than he had thought. Which Max himself doesn't actually knows his own potential. Korovin disregards this as Max and America are in a weakened state and orders Pravda to teleport the dolls and himself to Washington.

Max is comforted by Cindy, who reverses her previous views in stopping the dolls and tells him to be involve with the CIA in order to team up with Senator Joe. Inspired, Max leaves. Just as he does so, Cindy receives a call from Chivers revealing her secret alliance to him and is ordered to comfort Max.

Military forces attack the field hospital where Joe is. As Jimil's gang are totally outmatch by gunship. Joe joins in the fray and easily destroys the gunships. All of this is watched by the Professor who is horrified by the outcome.

Max meets with Agent McCoy and has already learned of Joe's actions. Max agrees to try to convince Joe to join him, but refuses to help the CIA to wage war on black America. Though McCoy points out that if Joe refuses, he must be kill.

Meanwhile, a brutal Hinks condescends in helping Chivers in reprogramming Max for the CIA's own ends.


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