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The Rithm, initially called the Calculus, is the collection of the leaders of The Metal, acting as that intelligence's version of the Parliaments of Trees, Limbs, or Decay.


After gaining sentience, they sent out one of their members, A Calculus, to parlay with Alec Holland following his battle with Wolf and Lady Weeds.[1][2] Not succeeding in gaining permission to manage the Green for efficiency on his own, the Calculus eventually opted to procure a human avatar, despite the unknowns involved in such a venture, selecting Lady Weeds herself at the suggestion of A Calculus.[3] The former avatar of the Green rechristened herself the Machine Queen, and then, joined with the Calculus, who she also renamed the Rithm, she sought out members of other kingdoms who hated Alec Holland to aid in the coming war between the Green and the Metal, recruiting Miki of The Grey and Anton Arcane who was formerly of The Rot.[4]

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