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The Seven Forces of the Universe were born from The Presence, of The Source since the dawn of time. They are cosmic energies in nature connective that links all history, all lives as one history. The Hands, a higher order of beings from beyond the Source Wall, use these energies entr

Quote1 Every positive energy in our Universe-- the Speed Force, the Emotional Spectrum, the Forces of Justice-- they are in essence connective. They link us to each other and to our past, reminding us we are part of one epic generational story. Quote2
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The Seven Forces of the Universe, also known as "The Seven Harmonious Forces" and more correctly known as "Anti-Crisis Energy" or "Connective Energy", are the most important energies, born from The Presence and The Source and from which the underlying architecture of the Omniverse was forged by The Hands using these cosmic energies to start Multiversal Systems throughout the Overvoid.


The Seven Forces of the Universe were born from The Presence, of The Source since the dawn of time.[3] They are cosmic energies in nature connective that links all history, all lives as one history. The Hands, a higher order of beings from beyond the Source Wall, use these energies entrusted to them by The Source to start Multiversal Systems throughout the Overvoid.[4] These beings birth a reality and then die, given themselves to the baby Multiverse. The bad seed among them, Perpetua, refused to die and defied her function, starting the first Multiverse before the current one using the Seven Hidden Energies of Creation, the dark reflections of the Harmonious Forces.

When Perpetua's children, the Brothers Three, learned of their mother's plans to twist the Multiverse into a self-sustaining weapon to challenge The Source with her transformed army of Apex Predators, they alerted The Hands whose response was to sent the Cosmic Raptor to imprison Perpetua, her Great Army and the Totality of the power she had selfishly hoarded in the Source Wall.[5] Perpetua's Multiverse was then restarted, but this time with the Seven Harmonious Forces, with Perpetua forced to watch the Multiverse grow without her taints.[6] For ages, after the first Multiversal Reset, the Multiverse thrived in harmony with the Seven Forces of the Universe as the underlying energies that governed it.

Speed Force

The Speed Force is part of the Harmonious Forces and is the energy field that gives the universe motions and grants the Flash Family and all Speedsters their power. Based on velocity and movement, it is the representation of reality in motion, being the very cosmic force that pushes space and time forward. The opposite to the Speed Force is the Still Force whcih is a cosmic force based around entropy and inertia, capable to negate motion, baring the potential to induce and accelerate the force of entropy.

Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum is part of the Harmonious Forces and is the energy field that gives the universe feelings and emotions and grants the Lantern Corps their power and is fueled by the emotions of all sentient beings. It governs the Red/Rage, Orange/Avarice, Yellow/Fear, Green/Will, Blue/Hope, Indigo/Compassion, Violet/Love, Black/Death, White/Life with each emotion having its own Emotional Entity such as Butcher, Ophidian, Parallax, Ion, Adara, Proselyte, the Predator, Nekron and the Life Entity. Outside the known colors of the Emotional Spectrum, there is the Invisible Spectrum, which is opposite to the Emotional Spectrum and part of The Seven Hidden Forces, that includes Ultraviolet, which feeds on buried primal emotions especially hatred and has its own Emotional Entity called Umbrax.

Life Force

The Life Force represents quasiversal Harmonious Uniformity and is part of the cosmic force that allows life to flourish, interconnecting every living being down to their very souls. It is wielded by those like Aquaman or Poseidon who are connected to the nurturing oceans, the font of all life. Those touched by this force, whether it be through an object or through the energy itself, retain a connection to all life and can communicate in a telepathic manner. Its opposite in The Seven Hidden Forces is the Death Force which brings death to any and all things, even immortals like the gods, sending them to the Graveyard of Gods. Items that can channel this force, such as the Tear of Extinction, are what drives people & worlds towards isolation and solipsism. Pushing on entropus levels of sociopathic individualism as well as the inevitable collapse of life itself.

Sphere of the Gods

The Sphere of the Gods is is the cosmic force that gives the universe magic and grants the gods and those who have godlike abilities their power. Beings such as the New Gods and other pantheons such as the Gods of Olympus, the Angels, the Demons, wield this power and are mostly considered multiversal singularities. The Void Wind is opposite to the Sphere of the Gods and part of The Seven Hidden Forces: it's a cosmic dynamism, which is the twin force of the Tear of Extinction, that snuffs out magic, divinity and the like. It is derived from the harsh gales that blow from the Graveyard of Gods.

Dimensional Superstructure

The Dimensional Superstructure of the Multiverse is a power that governs everything imaginable and unimaginable. Wielded by those put in place to monitor all creation: Mar Novu who rules the positive matter realm which is firm and constant, Alpheus who rules the dark matter realm which is rich and full of potential, and Mobius who rules the antimatter realm which is corrosive and all-destroying. The Sixth Note, opposite to the Dimensional Superstructure in The Seven Hidden Forces, is the cosmic force beyond imagination and is unlocked when the impossible is glimpsed.

Collective Unconscious

The Collective Unconscious is the cosmic force that gives others knowledge and wisdom and is part of the Seven Harmonious Forces. It is responsible for granting telepaths their power and is also wielded by the greatest of minds. The force that is opposite to the Collective Unconscious and part of The Seven Hidden Forces is the Black Apple which involves forbidden knowledge.


Faithfulness is the seventh harmonious force and is tied in the nature of Faith in Justice which is mostly relied on the goodness within people's hearts and their heroic natures. The dark counterpart to Faith and last of The Seven Hidden Forces is the Faithlessness which is a force based on faith people have in Doom as it relies on the evil within peoples hearts and their selfish and cruel nature and is unlocked when one loses the faith one possesses of their loved ones. These two forces have to be balanced in the Multiverse (and any other Multiverse in the Omniverse) in order to avoid the shift toward Justice or Doom and, as a consequence, prevent The Hands' Cosmic Judgment.


The Seven Forces of the Universe are the brighter side of the multiversal pole of power.[7] Every positive energy are in essence connective and links all lives to each other and to their past, reminding them they are part of one generational story.[8] Starman described these energies as strings stretched across the instrument that is the Multiverse from which the major chords of the universe are played.[9] The Hands are entrusted with these energies by The Source to start Multiverses.

When imbued with the Anti-Crisis Energy, Wonder Woman could see the past, present and future at once,[10] and the Batman Who Laughs with the same energies was aware of the various Batman of the Dark Multiverse and was able to pull aspects of the most terrifying and vicious of them, including their skills and experiences, and stitch them into his own mind. Doctor Manhattan, a being brimming with Connective Energy, was capable of perceiving time in a non-linear manner and mending the history of Earth-0.[11][12] All beings in the Multiverse are batteries for Crisis Energy and its opposite. A connection linking everyone with their past and history generates Anti-Crisis Energy.[13]

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  • It has not been confirmed whether the Life Equation is part of the Anti-Crisis Energy, but given that all powers of the Multiverse gather around two opposite poles and the Anti-Life Equation is part of the Crisis Energy, it is very likely.
  • While The Batman Who Laughs told Wonder Woman that unlike him, she could not create worlds with the Anti-Crisis Energy, Wally West stated that The Hands started Multiverses using the same energies.


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