Hardcover collection of the earliest of Fawcett Publications' Captain Marvel stories. All stories in this collection were originally published from 1939 to 1941.

  • The story titles listed above are those given in this collection's table of contents.
  • Prior to the publication of Whiz Comics #2, actually the first issue of the series, Fawcett Publications released to a small number of newsstands black-and-white "ashcan" comics titled Flash Comics and Thrill Comics. The two ashcan comics each had similar covers and identical interior contents. The interior story featured the debut of a character called Captain Thunder. This story later appeared in Whiz Comics #2, in color and with the lead character renamed Captain Marvel.
  • Also features a three-page foreword by Richard A. Lupoff and brief biographies of C.C. Beck, Pete Costanza and Bill Parker researched and written by Rich Morrissey.
  • Black and white reconstruction on internal covers and selected stories by Rick Keene. Black and white reconstruction on Whiz Comics #9 by Yoe Yoe Studio.

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