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"Code of Honor, Part 1": Honor Guest and her son are in a diner, Honor asks her son to look away as she levels her machine gun at someone and pulls the trigger.

Quote1.png I live a very ordinary life. It's the life I want to live. And I'll be damned if I let it go without a fight. Quote2.png
The Silencer

The Silencer #1 is an issue of the series The Silencer (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2018. It was published on January 31, 2018.

Synopsis for "Code of Honor, Part 1"

Honor Guest and her son are in a diner, Honor asks her son to look away as she levels her machine gun at someone and pulls the trigger.

One week prior, Honor and Ben are shopping at their nearby supermarket when Honor is approached at her car by a tall man Honor recognises as Killbox. Though Honor gives Killbox a chance to escape and to leave her and her son alone, she realises that she must fight. Quickly she springs at the man, lodging her son's new pencils into his throat and stomach before engaging her powers to create a zone of silence. Killbox begins to morph in preparation of the fight, Honor recognises that she has a four and a half second window to disable him before his shield is fully powered up.

Honor takes out several of Killbox's key components but he grabs her by the hair and breaks two of her ribs, Killbox drops her and she uses the opportunity to drop the zone for a second to ask him who ordered the hit, but he does not relent so Honor snaps the zone around her again and shoots Killbox in the head. Honor stores the body in a nearby loading dock and returns home with her son.

For the last six years, Honor has been married to Blake Guest with whom she has a three year old, Ben. Honor does not miss leaving her old life behind her, but while Blake cooks, Honor goes upstairs to change and to inspect her wounds. The doorbell goes off and Honor returns downstairs to find an old colleague, Talia al Ghul, being invited in unaware by Blake. Blake takes Ben to the car to look for his pencils while Talia tries to bring Honor back into her old line of work.

Elsewhere, Mr. Remedy hears a report of Killbox's fight with Honor but one of his goons breaks in to inform him that they have a location on Talia.

After a meal together, Honor pushes Talia to leave and she offers to drive Talia to the airport - a cover so they can talk in private. As they leave, the car is detonated and two assassins stand with their guns aimed at Talia (two of her old subjects). However, Honor sneaks around and lays out her zone of silence and shoots the two assassins while rescuing Talia.

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