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The Sureen were once a religious sect dedicated to worshipping The Green.


Though often the Avatar of the Green will contact them and utilise their Rite of Locum that allows avatars to temporarily become human through one of their own bodies.

The Gift of the Sureen

After reaffirming his role as avatar of the Green and killing the Parliament of Trees, Alec Holland is approached by Knot and a dozen members of the Sureen who offer to undergo the process of Locum with him. They also mention The Spring Sacrament, a special fruit that brings euphoric waves and hallucinations in those who ingest it, which is a traditional treat which avatars impart unto the Sureen.

Alec undergoes the process of Locum but it is revealed that Knot and company are not true members of the sect, only mercenaries hired to capture Alec's body for experiments in a German facility. Alec, enraged, travels to Bangalore to seek out his previous body to discover that Guarav Ghate is last remaining member of the Sureen.

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