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"Becoming, Part 1": Sonaran Desert

Quote1 ...we are all, from the moment we're born, trying so violently to become something else. Quote2
Sheriff Dom

The Swamp Thing #1 is an issue of the series The Swamp Thing (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2021. It was published on March 2, 2021.

Synopsis for "Becoming, Part 1"

Sonaran Desert

A body in a dessert was riddled with blowflies and is being investigated by a forensic doctor. He noticed some bite marks on a bone that was quite similar to a human being.

Mr. Emmet teased that it's the Pale Wanderer and told the tale of soldier that lived in the desert to have a quiet life. But after the place being a ghost town, he ventured more in the desert and became something else. He was later spotted in a bunch of places when it's hot or when some new folk travel in the desert.

The sheriff asked that Emmet leave the doctor alone and stated that soldiers seek these places to find some quietus. Later, petals from a flower of a nearby cactus flew towards the body.

INDOPAC Airlines Flight IP501

Meanwhile, Levi Kamei is riding on an airplane from India going to New York. He attempted while he was in India to reconnect with his father and to discover himself. He was reading a newspaper report about the protests due to the disagreement of mining rights near Kaziranga.

He later rushed to the bathroom, in an effort to calm himself, when the airplane had some turbulence due to the storm. Once in the restroom, vines came out of his eye, his hands, and later burst outside of the restroom and begun wrapping itself around the other passengers. It then burst out of the plane and caused it to explode.

He was awoken in his seat by a flight attendant, since the plane already landed in New York. He had headache upon waking up and met Jennifer at the airport terminal. They were later photographed by two men in suits.

Sonaran Desert, 50 miles south of Aztec.

The sheriff was investigating a possible drop and decided to investigate head on, after he heard some gunshots and screams. He saw something behind a rock and asked them to go out, while having his gun pointed at them. The Pale Wanderer emerged from behind the rock holding the ripped out hands of the cartel driver and stated that guns won't stop him.

Jennifer Reece's apartment, Brooklyn New York.

Levi and Jennifer was talking about his trip in India, where Prescott Industries tasked him to be the face of their land deal. He also visited his father, who treated him as a wayward son after leaving, to reconnected. He didn't confide everything to Jennifer that night, but decided to do it in the morning.

Later that night, he once again had nightmares about the protests in Kaziranga, the forest fires, guns, the bargain his brother did in the woods. He also remember being in his father's deathbed where his father forgave him. Vines started to cover him, once again.

Sonaran Desert.

Levi later appeared in the Sonaran Desert as the Swamp Thing. He was confused, not fully formed, and asked for help. The Pale Wanderer noticed him and decided to let the Sheriff go and help Levi.

The Pale Wanderer stated that he, himself, is a desert who dreamt of being a man, that both of them are ideas and vessels of something bigger. The Pale Wanderer decided to give him the first lesson of becoming, that ideas cannot die, they persists. And Pale Wanderer killed him with his claws.

Later, an unconscious Levi emerged out of the tree trunk in Central Park, New York.

Appearing in "Becoming, Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Officer Emmett (First appearance)
  • Sheriff Dom (First appearance; unnamed)
  • Jennifer Reece (First appearance)


  • The Pale Wanderer/"Seth Martens"/"Thomas Brundle" (First appearance) (Dies in flashback) (Zombified)

Other Characters:

  • Jacob Kamei (First appearance) (Flashback only) (Also in dream sequence)
  • Levi Kamei's father (First appearance; unnamed) (Dies in flashback)
  • Unnamed driver (First appearance; dies)
  • Unnamed forensic doctor (Single appearance)
  • Ghosts (Mentioned only)
  • Prescot Industries (Mentioned only)



  • INDOPAC Airlines Flight IP501 (Single appearance)



  • "Picacho" is misspelled as "Picachio" in the comic.

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