The Terrifics are a group of superheroes and adventurers who visit the Dark Multiverse. The team was first formed when it was discovered by Mister Terrific discovers Simon Stagg's plan to open a portal into the Dark Multiverse by forcing Metamorpho to transmute into Nth Metal. Mr. Terrific brings Plastic-Man due to his immunity to the Dark Multiverse, the two of them attempt to force Stagg into closing the portal only for all three heroes to be pulled into the portal. All three them discover themselves in a lifeless world where they encounter a young girl named Phantom Girl. Upon meeting her the team learn that she has been stuck in an intangible state since child hood and had no idea of sending a signal. While exploring the world the team comes across a computer found in the gut of a giant robot. The meet a hologram message from Tom Strong who reveals that they are needed to save the universe.[1]. After the four of them return to their world Mister Terrific attempts to leave them behind at Stagg's compound while venturing the multiverse on his own. However it is soon revealed that the four heroes to be drawn back to each other.[2]. It's revealed that due to the Dark Multivere's energy the four heroes are cosmically bond to each other. Thus the four heroes cannot go their separate ways. Mister Terrific comes up with a compromise with Stagg to use his facility to test their bond and explore the Dark Multiverse.[3]


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  • The team, as a whole, is a pastiche of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four.

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