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The man known only as The Thief crossed the paths of Catwoman shortly after the birth of her daughter.

He was new in town, and hoped to make his rep by taking out the most famous burglar of Gotham with help from the Calculator. However, even drugged Catwoman proved his better. He only got away because the Suicide Squad arrested Catwoman to be deported like most villains.

During Catwoman's absence, the Thief rose on the underworld ladder. When the small time criminal Repro turned to him when he though he had killed Catwoman, only to be murdered in turn by the Thief. The Thief didn't want any reprocussions from the Batman for her murder. However, what neither man knew, is that Catwoman was alive, and had taken photographs of Repro's murder. Catwoman confronted the Thief, and after a short fight she left him wounded. As he returned to his appartment, Catwoman blew it up - a thing he had done to her - and immediately after, he was arrested by police, who had been tipped.