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The Wheel is a team of New Gods that originally served in Darkseid's army, but later defected to Highfather's army. Each member was eager to prove their loyalty to Highfather. They collected rings from the Emotional Spectrum.



The Wheel is introduced as an all female team serving under Malhedron. The Wheel are tasked with retrieving rings from the Lantern Corps. They go to Earth where they plan to take Guy Gardner's Red Lantern ring. Initially they face Shahkavat, who is easily defeated by Malhedron. The Wheel are ordered to keep Shahkavat subdued, while Malhedron is fighting Guy. Eventually Simon Baz arrives to help Guy. Malhedron and The Wheel attack the Lanterns, when they are suddenly called back to New Genesis. After a brief meeting with Highfather, they leave.





  • It seems that The Wheel serve directly under Malhedron.
  • Although Malhedron is not a member of The Wheel its possible the he may have been, before becoming a general in Highfather's army.
  • Dia is likely the team leader because she is the oldest.

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