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"The Wild Storm: Chapter One": In Manhattan, at the scene of a brutal interrogation/fight, Lucy Blaze aka Zealot radios in to The Division and reports in. Apparently, her quarry which she had to kill was involved in some illegal activity involving gene-editing. After calling in a Division cl

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Jacob Marlowe

The Wild Storm #1 is an issue of the series The Wild Storm (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2017. It was published on February 15, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Wild Storm: Chapter One"

In Manhattan, at the scene of a brutal interrogation/fight, Lucy Blaze aka Zealot radios in to The Division and reports in. Apparently, her quarry which she had to kill was involved in some illegal activity involving gene-editing. After calling in a Division cleaning crew she goes for coffee. Pris Kitaen aka Voodoo, an entertainer, is planning a launch party with some colleagues, for her new album at a city junction. One which is covered with HALO advertisements featuring their energy saving products (Jacob Marlowe's face is seen on a video billboard). Pris relays some odd bits of local lore to her people, 1) that there was a UFO abduction here and 2) a man changed into a bat in 1939.

As they chat, Pris and company walk by a table that's in front of a street cafe. At this table sits Miles Craven and his significant other, Julian. They chat a little about Voodoo and an incident at a Clinton fundraiser when they are approached by Angela Spica. Angela works for Craven as some sort of researcher/engineer/inventor. She asks Craven for more resources for her current project in order to really make a difference in people's lives and surpass the achievements of Jacob Marlowe. Her interaction with Craven is erratic and she seems agitated and twitchy as if she drank too much coffee or has been taking drugs. She even implies that she has started using herself as a subject, and almost on cue, blood appears on the front of her t-shirt.

Angela leaves Miles's table and continues to talk if only to herself. While walking down the street she notices someone looking up at a HALO highrise. The pedestrian mentions he saw a flash and a second later a body is thrown out a top flight window. Angie, though seemingly in a lot of pain, activates nanomachines in her body and transforms herself into a metal suit complete with leg rockets. She ignites them, flies up, catches and then deposits both herself and the falling person into an office room in the same building. She has just rescued the CEO of HALO, Jacob Marlowe. Before Jacob could properly thank her, she flies off. Marlowe then calls Adrianna on his cell and tells her that Michael Cray from International Operations (IO) just tried to kill him.

In a series of television interviews, Jacob Marlowe gives a cover statement as to how he was launched through the window but that he wishes his rescuer the best. Back at IO, Miles Craven debriefs Michael Cray. It seems IO and Cray (part of their Wetworks division) want Marlow dead and to stop the launch of his new energy saving battery. Cray was supposed to set "proximity-triggered Polonium diffusers" to quietly poison his office, but when suddenly confronted by Marlowe, an explosion occurred when he tried to grab his wrist. The explosion was a failsafe security device Marlow had installed in the doorway to stop anything inhuman from entering. It went off, but not before Cray caused a wrist weapon that grew from Jacob's wrist (Marlowe called "a spur") to deflagrate at his touch.

Marlow is now explaining what happened in the presence of Adrianna aka Void, who is wearing a metal environment suit. Her eyes have no visible irises. Adrianna surmises the would-be killers will try again, and may go after his rescuer as well. Jacob mentioned "Cole" has been alerted but can not track down his unknown rescuer. Back at the IO bunker, Miles craven and Michael Cray are about to leave when Cray's hand (the same that dissolved Marlowe's wrist weapon) begins to shake uncontrollably, blood runs out of his nose and he collapses. Craven seems more annoyed than concerned.

In IO's Analysis Department, the Chief of Department informs Craven about what footage they got from the Halophones nearby. Craven sees the face of the mysterious woman who saved Marlowe, recognizing Angela Spica.

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  • There's a reference to Batman when Voodoo talks about "an alley [...] where a guy turned into a bat in 1939". In 1939, Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27.
  • Cray's original plan was to poison Marlowe's office with Polonium. Later, it is revealed that Marlowe recently started adding a dash of Polonium to his drinks to build up a tolerance. That means that he would probably have survived anyway, had Cray's plan gone the way it was supposed to.

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