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"The Wild Storm: Chapter Three": In New York, Ivana Baiul is on the phone with someone, explaining that her work is in lockdown while they deal with the fallout from the Angela Spica situation, but that she anticipates a promotion out of it, which could

Quote1.png You know what we're looking at. We've theorized their existence for years. Look at them. No mission patches, no I.D. Look at their tactics. You're looking at an unaffiliated covert action team, Miles. Just as we always feared. A wild C.A.T. Quote2.png

The Wild Storm #3 is an issue of the series The Wild Storm (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2017. It was published on April 19, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Wild Storm: Chapter Three"

In New York, Ivana Baiul is on the phone with someone, explaining that her work is in lockdown while they deal with the fallout from the Angela Spica situation, but that she anticipates a promotion out of it, which could lead to the removal of Miles Craven. The room of analysts she is technically overseeing includes two men watching footage of Angela Spica activating her armor in the middle of a crowd.

On the screen, a woman in the crowd turns around, and then she's gone. The same woman is suddenly inside a digital comic on a nearby tablet. She walks from that to the background of a currently-broadcast episode of the forensics show Crime Doctor on the Galaxy television network, and from that to a soda commercial. She appears in a commercial for the same soda in Times Square, and is then walking through Times Square itself. Critical of the soda, she pulls out her phone to watch a Kord video of Martian Manhunter. Appearing in the background of that, she is suddenly in her flat. Pausing to light a cigarette using a lighter that commemorates the "1955 Mars Expedition", she looks up at a wall of pins and pieces of paper, and wonders where she will add the information she has newly gained about Angela Spica.

Angie Spica thinks about her life. Working for a front organization for a year before being brought into I.O. proper. Getting suddenly transferred to the Senior Reporting Group in Manhattan. Then getting pressganged into brainstorming new armor designs for the Razor covert action teams, despite her background being in medical engineering. Trying to square the circle, which led her here, on the run, doing diagnostics on the launch system she built into herself.

Energy bleeding out of the air suddenly earths itself like lightning in the middle of the room, and three newcomers are standing there. They introduce themselves as Adrianna, Cole, and Kenesha, and say they were sent by Jacob Marlowe, to offer her "aid and shelter". Angie begins losing her composure, claiming that I.O. runs the planet and that she will be safe nowhere, but before the newcomers can calm her down, Miles Craven's Razor team dynamites their way through the door and throws flashbangs.

Reacting first, Cole jumps backwards, pulling out his pistols, shooting at the flashbangs, causing them to ricochet backwards into the Razors. The resulting explosion knocks everyone in the room down, and the Razors stride in, wearing fearsome body armor. They demand that everyone lay down their weapons. Cole has a mask on at this stage, and before the Razors have time to process what is happening, Angie activates her armor and launches a set of micro-drones equipped with searchlights, which cripple the optics on the Razors' armor. Blinded, the Razors' pointman is easily knocked backwards by a dum-dum bullet from Kenesha.

In the command room at I.O., the woman from Analysis uses the little their cameras are currently able to catch to discern the make of the micro-drone Angie is using: a design proposed for rescue missions, but then shelved because Strike insisted that they had a military application as smartbombs.

In the bunker, the pointman suddenly realizes that Kenesha's dum-dum bullet is also an explosive device, seconds before he is blown to bloody chunks. The other members of his team are knocked down, and Cole keeps them down with suppressive fire, but Adrianna has her own problems: a piece of shrapnel in her head has caused her to bleed silver and speak in a nonhuman tongue.

Craven orders the Razors to fall back and use explosives, but Cole knocks the grenade back towards them again. Cole looks back to see Kenesha fretting over Adrianna, and Angie, fully armored, clutching the remains of her laptop and cutting a hole in the roof to escape through.

Facing defeat, Miles Craven orders a scorched-earth tactic: to demolish the building and leave no survivors.

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