"The Bodies at 13 Ravenwood Lane": Police investigate a "harmless nut" burying old battered dresses and suits.

The Witching Hour #27 is an issue of the series The Witching Hour (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1973.

Appearing in "The Bodies at 13 Ravenwood Lane"

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Synopsis for "The Bodies at 13 Ravenwood Lane"

Police investigate a "harmless nut" burying old battered dresses and suits.

Appearing in "Wake Up and Dream"

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Synopsis for "Wake Up and Dream"

A man suffering a recurring falling dream overdoses on sleeping pills and, in death, wakes in a dream world where he is a prince with a beautiful wife.

Appearing in "Frightmare"

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Synopsis for "Frightmare"

An office rival succeeds in dishonestly gaining a promotion and the defeated man is so distraught that he walks in front of a bus. The cheat is there at the scene of the accident and the dying man accuses him. Later, the dead man appears in a dream and tells his intended victim that he will possess the body of someone close to him in order to gain revenge. The man begins to suspect everyone and eventually his boss. After assaulting his boss, security arrives to remove him from the building and he rushes to the elevator to escape. The guards warn him the elevator isn't there but he plunges down the shaft. On his way down, the dead man's spirit emerges from his body, mocking him, telling him that chose the last person he would ever suspect.

Appearing in "Journey to Oblivion"

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Synopsis for "Journey to Oblivion"

A man boards a train and the other passengers get tired of his constant complaining. When they arrive in what looks like paradise to the other passengers he decides that he is too young for all that and boards the train in the reverse direction all by himself. He awakes in a hospital bed and decides that he must have been dreaming. He thinks that he will be happier from now on.


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