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The World of Tomorrow is a pocket dimension created by Auteur.io in which Batman doesn't exist. It is an advanced and prosperous world protected by Superman.


When Bruce Wayne was very young, his family were mugged. His father was killed but he and his mother survived. Bruce was traumatised by the incident and grew up to become a coward and a dilettante.

After her husband's death, Dr. Martha Wayne took control of Wayne Enterprises. Under her leadership, the company introduced technology that revolutionised life on Earth. However, obscure scientist Lex Luthor claimed that Wayne stole his ideas and became the supervillain The Unknown Wizard to take his revenge on her.[1] In reality, Dr. Wayne was part of a cross-dimensional trading ring alongside Dr. Atom, an alternate version of Luthor from a destroyed reality. She would deliver captured supervillains to Dr. Atom in exchange for advanced technology, hoping to use it to keep her world and son safe. Meanwhile, Dr. Atom believed that by removing all criminal elements and introducing advanced technology, he could “perfect” The World of Tomorrow so it would be spared destruction by Auteur.io, who was obsessed with creating utopia.[2]

The boundaries between The World of Tomorrow and The World of the Knight are thin in areas which in other realities would be of significance to Batman, i.e. the caverns under Wayne Manor where the Batcave would normally be[3] or the Wayne family crypt in Gotham City cemetery.[2]

Superman and the Batman of The World of the Knight learned the truth about their realities and left their pocket universes to confront Auteur.io in the higher reality.[4] As punishment he unleashed a horde of demons led by Etrigan on the world,[5] but the heroes were able to hold them off and cure Auteur.io of his madness, becoming Observer.io. From then on the realities in the Archive of Worlds were allowed to develop naturally.[6]

Superman and Batman created a dimensional nexus between their two worlds called the "The Fortress of the Knight", allowing easy travel from one world to the other.[7]



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