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The World of the Knight is a pocket dimension created by Auteur.io in which Superman doesn't exist. It is a dark and grim world patrolled by Batman and Robin.


As baby Kal-El’s rocket flew away from the exploding planet Krypton, it was hit by a large chunk of Kryptonite, which breached the hull. By the time the rocket reached Earth, Kal-El was long dead.[1]

Years later, Gotham City and Metropolis would both suffer an improbable streak of misfortunes: natural disasters, drug epidemics and novel diseases. Batman and Robin were able to maintain law and order in Gotham, but without Superman to save it Metropolis was carved up between organised crime groups.[2] These seemingly random results were the result of a mad scientist named Dr. Atom using The World of the Knight as a dumping ground for criminals from The World of Tomorrow in order to create a utopia.[3]

Daily Planet journalists Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen traced the city’s woes to a cross-dimensional secret society headed by Dr. Atom, and suspected he had access to another reality. They prepared an expose on him but their offices were blown up before they could publish. Lois was the only survivor but was presumed dead and put into a coma for weeks. While in her coma she dreamt of a flying man from another reality who would save them.

When Lois woke up she took the identity of the Spider Lady and became a crime boss, taking over Metropolis’s underworld.[2] Two years later she learned that Lex Luthor, the Warden of Arkham Asylum, was part of the secret society. The society were kidnapping duplicates of the Asylum inmates from the alternate reality and mutating them to act as henchmen.[3] She attempted to break them out but was foiled by Batman and Robin.[1] Lois' dreams and theories were proven true when Superman crossed over from his reality to hers, along with another version of Lois herself.[2]

The boundaries between The World of the Knight and The World of Tomorrow are thin in areas which in other realities would be of significance to Superman, i.e. Dr. Atom's Arctic headquarters which is located on the site of the Fortress of Solitude; or the spot in the Daily Planet offices where Clark Kent's desk should be.[2]

Superman and Batman, along with their counterparts in the higher reality were able to cure Auteur.io of his madness, becoming Observer.io. From then on the realities in the Archive of Worlds were allowed to develop naturally.[4]

Superman and Batman created a dimensional nexus between their two worlds called the "The Fortress of the Knight", allowing easy travel from one world to the other.[5]



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