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Thea Dearden Queen, also known as "Mia" and Speedy, is Oliver Queen's younger sister.

While Oliver was on the island, she developed a rebellious attitude and a drug habit, although she began to become clean after criminal charges are brought against her for driving while under the influence. During this time she met and began a relationship with Roy Harper.

After the collapse of the Glades and Oliver's return to the island, Thea took over Oliver's club. However, her relationship with her family and Roy swiftly began to break down due to Roy experiencing psychological issues after he was dosed with mirakuru- a strength-enhancing drug that also compromised his capacity for rational thought- and Thea learned that Malcolm Merlyn was her biological father and nobody else had told her about this. She was subsequently contacted by the resurrected Malcolm Merlyn, and accepted his offer to accompany him for training.

While training with Malcolm, he drugged Thea so that she would return to Starling and murder Sara Lance on his orders, provoking a chain of events that would force Oliver to fight Ra's al Ghul to protect Malcolm.

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  • Thea was nicknamed Speedy in her childhood. A reference to Green Arrow's comic sidekicks.
  • Both Thea's middle name, "Dearden", and her alias in Corto Maltese, "Mia", are references to Mia Dearden, the second Speedy after Roy Harper.
  • Thea suggested that her vigilante identity could be "Red Arrow", before being prompted by Oliver to take on the name Speedy. In the comics, Red Arrow was one of Roy Harper's aliases.
  • Thea's birthday is January 21, 1995.[5]
  • Thea was running a bar before she was old enough to drink.[6]



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