Thelma Gordon is the mother of Barbara Gordon.

As a young woman, Thelma dated both Roger Gordon and his brother Jim, and eventually married Roger, becoming Thelma Gordon. She had a daughter with Roger, Barbara (although there is evidence that suggests that Jim was actually Barbara's father).[1]

Thelma, Roger and Barbara lived in Ohio until Thelma and her husband tragically died in a car accident while visiting her sister in Youngstown. Barbara went to live with her uncle Jim in Gotham, who raised her as if she were his own daughter and soon adopted her. Barbara would eventually become the vigilante Batgirl.

  • Initially, only Thelma died in the car accident and Roger drank himself to death afterward,[2] but later accounts show them dying together in the crash.[3][4] This is presumably a change in history caused by Zero Hour.



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