One of the best-dressed men in New York, Brooks served in the war, where he met Doc Savage, Andrew Mayfair, "Long Tom" Roberts and "Renny" Renwick. After the war, the five men stayed together, at the behest of Doc, who valued their expertise in both his research and his many adventures.

Brooks has a love-hate relationship with his friend Mayfair, who he gave the nickname "Monk". However, this is grounded in a deep respect between the two men.


  • Brooks is an expert lawyer.
  • In addition, he is usually well-dressed.


  • Ham uses a sword in a cane, which he carries at almost all times.

  • According to the original Doc Savage stories of Lester Dent, "Ham" Brooks acquired his nickname as a result of a conflict of practical jokes between himself and "Monk" Mayfair. While they were in the army, Mayfair stole a ham and hid it in Brooks' bed. The resulting military trial was the only court case that Brooks ever lost, and to remind of the fact, Mayfair gave him the nickname "Ham".
  • Brooks is alleged to hold, or have held, the rank of Brigadier General in the American armed forces.
  • Ham is a licensed character who is not owned by DC Comics. Nevertheless, his 2010-2012 comic book stories were explicitly placed in DC's First Wave continuity, so this version of Ham is included in the DC Comics Database.



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