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Theodore "Ted" Bruder, alias Fast Forward is a member of the Doom Patrol, Ted was picked randomly by Thayer Jost, CEO of Jost Enterprises, due to his ability to see 60 seconds into the future.

He has a surly and mean attitude, which led to him being called Negative Man by his teammates.

He went insane, and started taking medication that made him lose his Metahuman abilities. He found a job in a supermarket and the drug stopped working, and after his madness and abilities returned he was fired, he lost his girlfriend Ava and became homeless. He found that his powers were amplified; he could see far into numerous alternate timelines, and could travel to any number of them. He kept getting trapped in dystopias where versions of the Doom Patrol all to kill them as villains.

He was forced to defend his life, killed his attackers, which frightened him. His abilities went out of control, and he started bringing people from alternate timelines. On one jaunt he brought back a version of Elasti-Woman who was a cannibal, and a Nazi Negative Man, who teamed up to destroy Delta City. The Doom Patrol arrived and defeated their counterparts. Ted begged for help, and Robotman took him to Oolong Island, where the Science Squad induced a coma so he would stop dimension hopping, and they would get a chance to study him in hopes of curing him.[1]


  • Precognition: Fast Forward can see 60 seconds into the future.


  • Power Limitation: When Ted tried looking more than 60 seconds into the future he became to see alternative futures which in turn drove him mad for a short period of time. Coming out of his madness he realized he had lost his powers as well though this was only temporary.

  • The original Negative Man also had a 60 second time limit on his abilities.



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