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Quote1.png I'm a bug. That's how they always saw me. Deep down, it's how I saw myself, too. I used to feel bad about how small I felt. Now I know better. I see things more clearly. Now I know I am a part of something bigger than myself. A greater hive. I know there is no shame in being small. I know that a bug can save the world. Quote2.png
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Theodore Kord was the superhero Blue Beetle and a member of the Justice League International. This version of Ted Kord was the same version as the one that perished during Countdown to Infinite Crisis. However, on this Earth he avoids getting murdered by Maxwell Lord. After killing him, Ted Kord sets off a dangerous chain of events that irreversibly changes the lives of the Justice League and his best friend, Booster Gold. In attempting to avert a catastrophe, Blue Beetle becomes the crisis itself.

Ted Kord saw the first hints of a cosmic war, rising threats in magic, a new Secret Society of Super-Villains, and the dark machinations of his old friend Max Lord. When Ted was captured by Lord, he was given the choice to join Checkmate or die. Ted, however, fooled Lord into thinking he would join his organization and killed him. Shortly afterward, Ted took over Checkmate and convincing Brother One to be its new master.

Within two weeks, Ted recruited the Secret Six into Checkmate, uncovered the existence of the Secret Society, capturing the Heart of Darkness and ultimately preventing it from falling into the hands of Jean Loring, containing the power of the Spectre from getting out of control, and brokering an intergalactic peace deal between Rann and Thanagar. But Ted's untold amount of power he consolidated from Max Lord alienated his fellow superheroes Batman and his best friend Booster Gold, leaving him alone in his quest in finding the perpetrators of the coming crisis.

When Ted discovered the secret headquarters of the Secret Society, he was confronted by the Lex Luthor of Earth-Three and Superboy-Prime, and learned of their intentions of recreating a "perfect" Earth at the expense of the current Earth and how Ted's actions had hindered their plans. Ted managed to convince Superboy-Prime to side with him and turn against Luthor by pointing how much Ted had done to build a better world and with Superboy Prime's help they can make it last. Luthor is incinerated by Superboy, but also at the cost of the lives of the Earth-Two Superman and Lois Lane who Luthor kills first.

With Superboy-Prime's help, Ted took the remains of the Anti-Monitor and had it interfaced with Brother One in order to prevent the next crisis. But to Ted's shock, Brother One revealed that the greatest threat to Earth are superheroes, including the Justice League of America, as Brother One reasoned that the more heroes there are, the more existential threats. Brother One showed that the solution is by decreasing the hero population by fifty percent, and therefore the existential threats significantly decreases as well. Ted reluctantly agreed with Brother One's assessment and began neutralizing the superhero population by infecting them with a tailored version of the original Omni Mind and Community Nanovirus, transforming them into O.M.A.C.s that served under Ted. When Superboy-Prime disobeyed Ted's orders to non-lethally subdue the teen heroes he'd been sent to dispatch, O.B.A.C. also had Superboy assimilated.

Ted was soon confronted by Booster Gold, who tried to convince Ted to stop. But Ted refused to heed Booster's words, which forced his friend to point a gun at Ted. This only provoked Brother One to activate Ted's suit's defenses to firing an energy beam fatally through Booster. Ted was horrified by Booster's untimely death and this tragedy allowed Brother One to manipulate an emotionally distraught Ted into taking control of his mind in order to "save the world." With Brother Eye fused with Ted, it ordered the O.M.A.C.s in wiping out the remaining superheroes and taking control of Earth.


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Ted Kord combined parts from the Anti-Monitor suit with Brother Eye's technology to greatly enhance his suit, bestowing him with a number of powers.
    • Mechanokinesis: Using Brother Eye's technology, Ted Kord is able to control armies of OMACs at his own will.
      • Infection: In his O.B.A.C. guise, Beetle has the ability to reach out and infect anyone with the O.M.A.C. Virus. But requires physical contact with another living being to initiate conversion processes first.
    • Flight: Ted gained the ability to fly just like other O.M.A.C.s
    • Superhuman Strength: Ted's enhancements allow him to send his Earth's Batman flying with one punch.
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Energy Projection: Ted is now capable of firing blasts of energy from his hands and from the 'eye' on his chest.
      • Radiation Production: Via the adaptive technologies of the O.M.A.C & Anti-Monitor chassis, the One Beetle Army Corps could simulate green K-Rads in his energy projection to weaken Superman.



  • Monstrous Appearance: After fully fusing with Ted, Brother Eye transformed his body into a cybernetic monstrosity with the O.M.A.C. Virus, unable to pass as human.



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