Blue Beetle was one of the fighters in Monarch's Multiversal arena.

Theodore "Ted" Kord was an anthropomorphic pet blue beetle of Mr. and Mrs. Kord in the conjurer world of Earth-33. Ted was unwillingly drafted into Monarch's Arena battles in his search for a strike force. From hearing Earth-31 Superman's rallying speech against Monarch, Ted enthusiastically offer his support to the other draftees by salvaging materials from their prison room to build a interdimensional harness. However, before he could finish his work, Ted and his Blue Beetle counterparts are teleported into their Arena battle. Once in the Arena, Ted was too late in saving Daniel Garrett (Earth-39) from the Scarab. Composing a tough carapace, Ted was able to fend off the Scarab, but was eventually killed by it when it allows it's beetles to enter into Ted's mouth and horrifically burst from his insides. Before he died, Ted screamed for anyone to finish his work on his harness.

Ted's death at the "hands" of the Scarab.

However, Ted's construction of the harness was deliberately planted by Monarch to give the prison group a false sense of hope, and also allowing Breach, his brainwashed accomplice, to bring his nuclear powered counterparts in order for Monarch to kill and absorb their powers.


As a giant beetle, Ted possesses a tough carapace shielding his entire body.


Enhanced Intellect

Skilled Fighter


Although his carapace can withstand attacks on his exterior, he can still be dispatched by an assault from within his body.

  • This version of Blue Beetle has an insectile appearance, including yellow eyes.



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