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Quote1.png When it comes to all this superhero stuff...I'm not the best there is. I mean, I'm okay and all...but it's generally best that I work alone and handle low-level stuff. During my time with the Justice League I was a role player. Since confidence isn't exactly at the top of my skill set, I was fine with it. Working with Booster covers that because he has enough for both of us. Quote2.png
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Theodore "Ted" Kord is the Blue Beetle, a superhero and benefactor to the next Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.


Ted Kord was a brilliant scientist and the son of Thomas Kord, owner and CEO of Kord Industries. When he was only 16 years old Ted graduated high school and began to attend college. At age 19, he successfully developed drones the size of an insect, the first breakthrough in his nanotechnology studies that Lex Luthor referred to as "revolutionary". Unfortunately for Ted, when Luthor set his eyes on the acquiring of Kord industries, he invited his father to come see him. This resulted in Thomas' death when the Crime Syndicate arrived, setting off an EMP that Luthor himself only narrowly escaped from.

After the Syndicate's downfall, Ted reluctantly visited Luthor with the intentions to sell Kord Industries, reasoning that he was still a student, and now he'd need to take care of his mother by himself, and he had no experience running a business, but Lex, whose perspectives had been greatly shaped by his battles with the Syndicate, refused to steal the family business away, instead offering to serve as a mentor for Kord, promising to always be available for advice and any business help he could provide, much to Ted's surprise and happiness.[2]


Some time prior to meeting Jaime Reyes, Ted himself acted as a superhero named Blue Beetle. During his adventures, he met other heroes such as Nightshade.[3]

After becoming the Blue Beetle, Jaime reached out to Ted for help with the mysterious blue Scarab he was bound to. Ted quickly become his benefactor, creating a mobile command center and becoming his partner – much to Jaime's reluctance, as he did not intend to use the Scarab to become a superhero.[4] After showing the Bug command ship to Jaime, a mysterious Doctor Fate appeared, declaring that Jaime's Scarab technology, created by the Reach, was really Magic, intriguing Ted.[5]

After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Ted Kord joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated.[6]

Death Metal

Ted was imprisoned on New Apokolips along with other heroes after the Dark Multiverse's Dark Knights, led by the Batman Who Laughs, conquered Earth 0. They were however freed when Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn freed Superman from Darkfather's control.[7]

He along with Red Tornado and Animal Man later assaulted the Robin King, who had beaten up the other heroes. The Robin King would however unleash a giant blue beetle upon Ted, resulting in his death.[8] He was later revived by Batman using a Black Lantern Ring.[9]

Blue and Gold

Despite his heart problems being settled, Kord started to lose his confidence after a run in with the Suicide Squad. While visiting his father's grave, Skeets found him and told him that his friend Booster Gold needed help battling an alien craft on New York that was holding the Justice League as prisoners. Ted put on his suit and flew with the Bug to rescue his friend who was also streaming the battle online, the two then managed to rescue the Justice League though the Bug was destroyed during the fight. The Justice League later offered Blue Beetle a spot on the team but Ted refused when he found out that Booster was not invited.[10]

After stopping some robbers from stealing advance tech from a Kord Industries truck. The two heroes decided to make a group that would strive closer to the people than the Justice League, with Booster announcing Blue & Gold Restoration on a public conference. Unfortunately, Ted couldn't get help from Kord Industries as he was fired due to his amateurish leadership that put the company on the edge of bankruptcy.[11]





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