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Thessaly is an ancient witch who took her name from her land of origin - Thessaly in Greece. She was a former lover of Dream.


Born thousands of years ago, the woman known only as Thessaly has made a very concerted effort to conceal most traces of her existence, and so little is known about her life prior to the 1990s. What is known is that she was born in "the year that the bear totem was destroyed", and that in the days of Ancient Greece, she was a member of the coven of witches of Thessaly. For centuries, the Thessalian witches were feared even by the gods, but eventually, they began to die out, until their enemies outnumbered them. Soon, the witches were hunted down one by one, until only Thessaly remained.

For centuries after that, Thessaly lay low, living a quiet life that would be periodically interrupted by one of her old enemies. This interruption usually resulted in her killing the enemy and any witnesses and then fleeing.

Game of You

During the mid-90's Thessaly lived in New York City, in an apartment building where her neighbors included Donna "Foxglove" Cavanagh and Hazel McNamara, a transsexual woman named Wanda, a strange, unpleasant man named George, and a young woman named Barbie. When George, who was really the host for a creature called the Cuckoo, invaded the dreams of the other tenants and trapped Barbie in a semi-comatose state, Thessaly killed him, removed his face, eyes and tongue, and nailed them to a wall, forcing his spirit to confess to his misdeeds.


  • Magic: Thessaly is one of the oldest and most powerful witches in the universe. It's hard to list all of her abilities, but she once managed to literally call down the moon, nearly destroying New York City in the process.
  • Immortality



Thessaly habitually keeps a knife handy. Just in case.



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