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The Thinker is a villain with an enhanced brain that allowed him to predict events before they even happened. His schemes caused him to become a target of the Suicide Squad.

Somehow, he predicted the invasion by the Crime Syndicate, and got himself committed to Belle Reve Penitentiary.

Thinker's incredible brain came at a price: his brain drained energy from the rest of his body, prematurely aging him. He predicted that he would be dead within a decade.

When the Crime Syndicate arrived on Earth, just as he predicted, he agreed to serve the villains in exchange for a new body; specifically, the body of OMAC. When they agreed to his terms, he pretended to be Amanda Waller and organized a rival Suicide Squad team of his own that interfered with that of the original.


  • Enhanced Intellect: The Thinker's brain has been improved so much that he could perfectly anticipate events in the future with incredible accuracy.


  • Power Instability: The Thinker's enhanced brain drains energy from the rest of his body, forcing him to search for an alternative body before his fails.



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