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Quote1.png Don't you see, buddy-old-pal? You said I needed a friend. You were so good to offer yourself up. Quote2.png
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Tommy Blackcrow was an author that tried to research into the Joker's history, unwittingly becoming the victim of Joker's "friendship".

Tommy Blackcrow is a former journalist with the Gotham Gazette who, while attempting to write an article showing Joker in a new light, had a face-to-face encounter with him that led the Joker to ironically declare him a friend, and routinely visit horrors upon him with every successful escape from Arkham Asylum. The paranoia eventually drove Tommy to mental illness, and he was put in Arkham himself. There, he befriended Dr. Eric Border, unaware that Border was, in fact, the Joker.


  • Journalism: Before ever encountering the Joker, Blackcrow was a foreign correspondence journalist for the Gotham Gazette.

Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: His "friendship" with the Joker made Blackcrow constantly anxious and unstable. After pulling a knife on Detective Bullock for not believing his story, Blackcrow was finally psychologically evaluated and taken to Arkham Manor.