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Quote1 If you insist? Then I mess you up so bad you never walk right again, and I spray in your face so people know whose property you are. Quote2
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Thomas Blake, the Catman, is a member and the leader of the Secret Six.[4]

Catman was recruited into the Secret Six after being abducted with five other super-villains. This team was assembled by the Riddler using the alias "Mockingbird".[4]

Years later, Catman fought Plastic Man with his Secret Six teammates Jeanette and Rag Doll.[5] Soon after, he was seen partying with several other super-villains on Zandia.[6] He then briefly battled Robin and Superboy.[7]

Annoyed with constantly being compared to Catwoman, Catman sought out psychiatric help from Harley Quinn. She convinced him to stop comparing himself to her and start being the best version of himself.[8]

Endless Winter

Catman, along with Icicle, Multiplex, and Rampage, tried to take over Mathali Island on the Arabian Sea. The island's Special Crimes Task Force demanded the quartet surrender, as foreign super-villains were not tolerated on their soil. Multiplex duplicated himself and left the penthouse to get rid of the police, but was stopped by Green Lantern and The Flash. Wonder Woman and Superman soon appeared as well. While Rampage and Icicle fought the pair, Catman swiftly escaped until he was ambushed by Batman. The four villains were defeated and placed in a police van. As Catman lamented over their plan, Multiplex pointed out that one of his duplicates was outside the van waiting to free them.[9]

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Other Characteristics

  • Aquaphobia and Claustrophobia: After spending a year closed in a cell where he was at random times sprayed with water[3] Blake has become violently claustrophobic and aquaphobic and tends to turn feral when scared.[4]


  • Cat Mask


  • Clawed Gauntlets: Catman has a pair of metallic gauntlets with sharp claws capable of cutting Aquaman's skin.[12]

  • As Gail Simone had promised, Blake's bisexuality was confirmed in the New 52 reboot when he is seen flirting with both a man and a woman.[4]
  • Blake is the donor for the child of Knockout, Scandal Savage, and Liana, which was being carried to term by Liana. The three decided to ask Blake out of deep respect, with Scandal stating that there is no one they'd want more as the father; Blake considered the offer an honor.[14][1]