Tommy is the grandson of Buddy Blank, a former security specialist for NORAD and architect of the Brother Eye computer mainframe.

Tommy is present when the time-travelers Karate Kid and Una come to this era in the hopes of finding a cure for the Karate Kid who was slowly dying from the Morticoccus Virus. At NORAD, the group is threatened by Brother Eye before the A.I. becomes strangely interested in Tommy and spares him and his friends; it then directs them to their answers to a bunker in the ruins of Blüdhaven. There, the group encounters the Atomic Knights, Firestorm and the villain DeSaad. After Brother Eye is freed from NORAD, it assimilates Blüdhaven and brings Una, Val and itself to Apokolips while leaving Tommy and Buddy trapped within the bunker.

For a certain length of time, both grandson and grandfather remain imprisoned and close to using up their food supplies in a potential likelihood of starvation. However, Brother Eye returns to Earth's orbit and turns Tommy's grandfather into a unique OMAC with free will, in turn allowing Buddy to break through the bunker's fortified door with his new-found power. Both Tommy and his grandfather escape and leave Blüdhaven.[1]

  • To date, the child has yet to be addressed by the name "Kamandi", although it is clear that he is intended as the New Earth counterpart to the Earth-AD character first envisioned by Jack Kirby.[citation needed]



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