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Tommy Bronson is the discovered son of the original Wildcat, Ted Grant. From his mother's side, he inherited the power to turn himself into a anthropomorphic cat.[1]


Tom Bronson was the illegitimate son of Ted Grant, the former prizefighter best known as the hero Wildcat, and Marilyn Bronson. When he was in kindergarten, he discovered he had the ability to change into a were-cat when he was frightened by a neighbor's dog. He never told his mother and always shied away from fights growing up to ensure that he didn't reveal his ability.

As a young man, Tom lived in an apartment in Brooklyn. One day, his father came to see him and get acquainted. Just as their visit was ending, Vandal Savage arrived, claiming that he wanted to end all of the bloodlines of members of the Justice Society of America.[2] With his father knocked out, Tom transformed and fought Savage long enough for Ted to come to and knock the villain into the path of an oncoming firetruck. Ted dubbed his son Wildcat as well, and invited him to join him in the Justice Society.[3]

Justice Society of America

Tom is now part of the new JSA, now called the JSA All-Stars. He also develops a close friendship with Damage. He currently goes by the name Tomcat, even though he has stated in the past that he would never go by that name.

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