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Tommy Carma was a Gotham City detective who went insane after his wife and daughter were murdered by criminals. He began to believe that he was Batman, and started killing criminals while dressed in a Batman costume. The real Batman eventually stopped him.


Tommy Carma, formerly a U.S. Marine, is said to have been the youngest detective in Gotham at one point. Carma had a promising future when he was promoted to detective after single-handedly rescuing a young woman from a street gang. His violent behavior and frequent acts of "police brutality" allowed many of the criminals he arrested to walk free. When Tommy arrested a gangster named Lou Spindle the mob decided to have him killed. They sent a hitman named Snuffer to plant a bomb in his car, which missed Tommy but killed his wife and his 6-year-old daughter Robin.[1] Carma quit the force soon after the funeral and he got work as a private security guard.

Batman vs. Batman

Tommy's mind snapped and he began to believe that he was Batman. He set up an amateur crimelab in his mother's house and stole every Batman costume available in Gotham City. Tommy began dressing up as Batman and murdering the criminals who had previously gotten off on a technicality when he arrested them. The real Batman eventually confronted Tommy before he could kill the Snuffer, and handed him over to the police.[1] Batman used his legal connections as Bruce Wayne to make sure Tommy would get the help he needed in Arkham Asylum. Tommy eventually had another breakdown and killed two orderlies, believing they were the Joker and Two-Face. He escaped and stumbled onto the Wayne estate where he accidentally found the Batcave. Believing the Batcave was his, Tommy stole another uniform and the Batmobile to hunt down Lou Spindle. He confronted Spindle, and the gangster was shot dead by his own men while Tommy used him as a human shield. The real Batman arrived and defeated Tommy in combat, then took him to get mental help.[2]


  • Boxing: Tommy Carma is said to have been a Golden Gloves boxer.[1]
  • Karate: Tommy Carma is said to have been a black belt Karate expert.[1]
  • Acrobatics

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