Thomas Constantine was the father of John Constantine.

Born in working class Liverpool, Thomas and his six brothers[1] and one sister[2] were raised by his mother Alice after his father, Bill, was killed in World War I. Thomas worked in the docks as a stevedore, as his father had been before the war. His mother died young.

He married Mary Ann Quinn and had a daughter, Cheryl. However, in a drunken brawl in the docks, he lost an arm. Unable to provide for his family, he became an alcoholic.[1] During Mary Anne's second pregnancy in 1953, Thomas forced her to have an abortion. However, although one child died, the second, John, lived. Mary Anne did not survive childbirth. Thomas began drinking more and projected his guilt on John, blaming him for Mary Anne's death.[2]

John was largely raised by Cheryl, being forced into the role of mother at an early age. Thomas was arrested for stealing women's underwear in 1961, and spent some time in prison. John eventually left town when he was 17, but Cheryl stayed nearby.[3]

Thomas continued to live in Liverpool, until he was murdered by the Family Man in 1990.[4]



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