Thomas Currie was an imaginary creation from Timothy Hunter, who lived his life been a teacher of magic for his reality's Tim Hunter, until The Other killed his pupil, and he escaped to search for a way to stop his rampage.

For a time he spent his days living in the Inn Between Worlds, traveling to different worlds searching for the real Timothy Hunter with no luck. Joh and Accasbel from the inn became his only family until he found the real world, and the real Tim, and left the inn in his search.[1]

Once in the walking world, he approached with care to Tim, as he did not knew the reach of his magicals powers -he didn't know that Tim Hunter renounced to magic some time ago-. Currie decided that the best course of action was to kill the original Tim, as the Other would also die, but after some time around the real Tim, he could not do it, as he only saw his pupil.[2] Currie decided to help him recover his magic and train him properly so he could confront his Other.

Sadly, Tim was learning too slow, compared to the power that the Other had amased, so Thomas Currie created with a portion of Tim's magic a duplicate to battle the Other, while the original Tim escapes. The plan was to fool the Other and keep the training in other place, but Thomas Currie never meant to keep that promise, as his own world was a long time ago destroyed, and watching his own Tim been killed twice by the Other, was too much to bear for him. He left instructions for Tim to follow in his absence, and stayed in battle with his own Tim until their deaths. With his last strenght, he searched the original Thomas Currie, and discovered that it was a man in wheelchair incapable of action or reasoning, and tought that maybe he was created only due to pity. Nevertheless, he wished luck to his real template, made his peace with the world, and was unmade.[3]

His instructions meant for Tim, never reached him. They were stolen by Cyril, and he followed the path of the mage, searching for a magic school in the train station 9 1/2, meanwhile Tim learned magic in his own pace.[4]


  • Magic: In one of the realities created by Tim Hunter, Thomas Currie was his master in magic, so he is a great adept in potential.



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