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Quote1.png The ocean's a pretty big place, buddy. There're things out there you can't even begin to imagine. Quote2.png
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Tom Curry was a lighthouse keeper. He was the father of Aquaman (Arthur Curry).

When Thomas Curry was young, he was caught in the middle of a terrible storm known as The Raging Eye, where he met Atlanna, the then Queen of Atlantis. She rescued him from his sinking ship and brought him to safety, and the two soon after fell in love. Together they had a son, Arthur Curry, but because of their differing backgrounds and the politics of Atlantis, Thomas was forced to raise Arthur alone in seclusion, to protect him from attempted assassinations and the machinations of Atlanna's political enemies. Wanting his son to experience as much of his world as possible outside of the water, Thomas traveled across the country, teaching him numerous skills and letting him try countless activities, such as skiing, to teach him a passion for the Human world, though they would always return to the Lighthouse Thomas manned at Amnesty Bay, where he waited hoping for Atlanna to return and join them.[1]

One year, Thomas spotted a boat go down not far from his Lighthouse. Believing it to be his responsibility to help people, he dived into the water in an attempt to save the crew, including the Marine Biologist Doctor Stephen Shin. When Arthur's superhuman abilities began to manifest, Thomas was forced to reach out to someone else for outside aide in raising him, and turned to Doctor Shin, believing his studies in the field and his hunt for answers about Atlantis would make him the best qualified to help. Shin was able to teach the young Arthur how to control his new powers, and trained him in exerting his mental control over marine life, but as their training continued, Shin became more and more desperate in his desire to reach Atlantis, and the belief that Thomas' son could lead him there.

When Shin approached Tom about going public, claiming that Arthur was the greatest scientific discovery of their times and the key to finding Atlantis, Curry was furious. He tore apart Shin's lab, taking every document and material related to Arthur and left. Angry, Shin decided to go forward to the public with his discoveries anyway, revealing the location of Arthur's home and his nature as Atlantean. Despite the validity to his claims, Shin became a joke in the scientific community without the evidence to back it up, and lost all credibility. In desperation, he turned to a treasure hunter code-named Black Manta to recover a small sample of Arthur's blood to verify his claims. Instead, Manta attacked the lighthouse and attempted to murder Arthur. Tom, refusing to see his son harmed, intervened, and in the struggle, he had a heart attack.[2]

Three days after Thomas was admitted into the hospital, he passed away. In his final moments, he asked Arthur to go into the ocean for him and find Atlantis to tell Atlanna what happened to him, and that he had always loved her and never stopped waiting for her return.[3]