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Thomas "Tommy" Elliot is the former CEO of Elliot Estates until his downfall by the hand of Batwoman. He once had a friendship with Bruce Wayne before discovering his true identity as Batman, developing an obsessive and intense hatred for the vigilante for saving his mother, whom he despised.

Early life

Tommy Elliot grew up in Gotham City under rich parents, his of mother of which he disliked due to suspecting her of only marrying his father for his wealth. Some point during his childhood he ended up befriending Bruce Wayne and the two remained friends for years until a car crash concerning his parents occurred. His father died during the crash but his mother survived thanks to the aid of the vigilante Batman, creating Tommy's disdain for him for saving her over his father.[2]

Revenge on Batman

The next few years had Tommy regrettably taking care of his mother and, in parallel, his hatred for Batman festered and grew into an obsession. Tommy soon became a successful businessman, founding Elliot Estates and meeting Bruce Wayne's cousin, Kate Kane, however they never enjoyed each other's company. Following Batman's disappearance, Tommy began seeking out Lucius Fox's journals and hired out Crows Security, having one of their members threaten Lucius into giving them up. However, this led to Lucius' death and Tommy swiftly covered up his involvement.[3]

Three years later, Tommy Elliot's mother died, leaving him with her inheritance. With the newly acquired money, Tommy bought and entrusted a nightclub, Lookout, to Johnny Sabatino to launder his money.[4] His plan to take revenge on Batman began, with Tommy paying the Riddler to tell him the true identity of Batman and shockingly discovered that it was his former friend Bruce Wayne.[2]

When Batman was believed to have returned to Gotham City, Tommy Elliot continued his plan to kill Batman and reunited with Kate Kane. He then stole a rail gun from Wayne Enterprises and planned to use it to shoot Batman until he was confronted by a different vigilante, Batwoman, and learned that Batman hadn't truly returned. Enraged at this, Tommy distracted Batwoman by causing an elevator shaft to free-fall and attempted to kill her before being hit and knocked out from behind by Alice. He was then sent to Arkham Asylum.[2]

Escaping Arkham

Tommy Elliot's time in Arkham Asylum was revealed to have only worsened his condition, now only speaking Bruce Wayne's name and losing his temper sporadically due to his crazed obsession. He reunited with Alice and was taunted into stabbing her, leading to her secretly keeping the weapon in her possession before being dragged away. A few days later, Kate visited Tommy and informed him that she had learned of his involvement in Lucius Fox's death, to which he pretended to be insane in order avoid her questions and to return to his cell. Surprisingly enough, Alice had been in his cell waiting for his return alongside the Arkham Asylum doctor, Dr. Butler, the latter of who told him that his insanity plea was denied and that Tommy was likely to be executed for his crimes. Alice then revealed a plan that allowed him to break out of Arkham instead with "a new face". Confused, Tommy then learned that "Doctor Butler" was actually Alice's partner-in-crime Mouse, having taken off the face of the real Doctor Butler. Convinced, Tommy agreed to Alice's plan and was asked for information in what was within Lucius' journal in return, leading to Alice also discovering who Batman truly was. Tommy then had his face removed and given to someone else in order to fake his suicide, leaving Tommy with bandages covering his face. Alice told him that he wouldn't get a new face until he had procured the journal for them. Tommy then attempted to hold up his end of the deal by calling Sabatino, who apparently had been keeping the journal for Tommy. However, Sabatino decided to sell it instead due to Tommy's situation and Batwoman's interference, angering him. Magpie was then sent to attain the journal but was also intercepted by Batwoman. Realising that he wouldn't get a new face, Tommy escaped Arkham with his bandages still intact, unknowing to the fact that Magpie had soon after returned with the aforementioned journal.[4]

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  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Tommy Elliot is shown to be proficient in combat, being able to take on Batwoman for a period of time.
  • Deception: A range of deception is shown, specifically during his first confrontation with Batwoman in which he forced her to save a free-falling elevator shaft in order to overpower her. He also is seen to convincingly feign insanity to experienced manipulators such as Kate Kane.
  • Firearms: After stealing a rail gun from Wayne Enterprises, Tommy demonstrated a level of expertise after using it to pierce the Batsuit.
  • Business Management: Tommy's skill in managing business is prevalent in his founding of Elliot Estates, apparently making more money than Bruce Wayne did.
  • Weaponry: A history of experience in various weapons is shown, such as knives and guns.
  • Indomitable Will: Tommy is capable of remaining determined in grudges and plans, even when placed in the worst positions. A high-level of pain tolerance is also implied due to having his face removed.

Other Characteristics

  • Obsession: Tommy Elliot is shown to have a deep hatred for Batman for saving the mother he disliked. This was worsened and perpetuated after learning that Batman was his former best friend Bruce Wayne and during his stay in Arkham Asylum.


  • Bandages: After having his face cut off by Alice in an attempt to fake his suicide, Tommy Elliot began wearing bandages to cover his face.

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Batwoman and is an adaptation of Hush. The original character was created by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee and first appeared in Batman #609.
  • Tommy Elliot is portrayed by Gabriel Mann.



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