Thomas Elliot was a senator of the independent Gotham City who acquired the control of Wayne Industries after Bruce Wayne was driven insane.

Thomas Elliot belonged to the rich Elliot family of Gotham City and in childhood, was best friends with Bruce Wayne. When the Elliots and Waynes went out to watch the "Mask of Zorro" together with their sons, Martha and Thomas Wayne were shot in front of their son while walking through an alley. The Elliots witnessed this murder as well and later decided to take Bruce in. Bruce however grew increasingly unstable due to the trauma and had to be admitted to a mental asylum.[1]

Tommy later had his parents murdered to take their fortune, and later killed the driver who he had paid to eliminate them as well. Due to Bruce being declared mentally unfit, Tommy eventually took over the charge of Wayne Industries. The League of Assassins under Talia al Ghul also helped him become a senator of Gotham, which had attained its independence from the United States of America. Thomas used his newfound power to have Bruce shifted to Arkham Asylum and allowed its head Jonathan Crane to experiment on him.[1]

While attending a gala with Talia, who pretended to be his girlfriend publicly, he was told of Bruce's death at Arkham. Reaching the asylum, he was told by Crane that he died of asphyxiation and had a movie ticket to the "Mark of Zorro", something that was never in his cell before. This allowed him to gain unchallenged control of Wayne Industries. Returning home, he was horrified after seeing a monstrous figure perched on a gargoyle and his helicopter was soon struck by a missile. As the protesters rioting against Gotham's elites surrounded it, Barbara Gordon, the leader of the Outsiders who were leading the rioters, told them to take revenge on him for Jim Gordon.[1]

Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake of the Outsiders soon eliminated Elliot's security detail, but he was rescued by President Lincoln March's head of security Richard Grayson. Interrogating Barbara later, they learnt that the missile that struck Tommy's helicopter was banned in North America and was imported by Jason Todd, Gotham's dominant defense contractor. As Tommy and Richard tried to arrest him, they soon found that the League of Assassins was working with him, with Jason claiming that Talia too was with her now.[1]

The mysterious bandaged figure who Tommy had seen before soon bust in to attack everyone there. Richard protected Tommy, allowing him to flee, and fought the bandaged man together with Jason. Tommy later confronted Talia about her betrayal at his mansion, but she claimed she wasn't trying to kill him. Finding a copy of Mark of Zorro on his desk, he realized it could have only come from Wayne Manor and went there armed. At the manor he was confronted by Richard, who had been injured in the fight with the bandaged man. Richard recounted how news clippings regarding the Wayne murders were found at the sites of Harvey Dent and Gotham Security Force captain Arnold Flass.[1]

Richard suspected Tommy was related to the attacks by the mysterious figure and tried to kill him, but the two were soon dragged through the floor by the same bandaged attacker who had struck them before. Tommy upon waking up from a singing voice, discovered the voice was of a now-insane Alfred Pennyworth and asked if he was attacking him. He however soon learnt he wasn't when the figure attacked him again. As the man rescued Tommy from falling to his death, he revealed that he was in fact Bruce and had only pretended to be dead with the help of Alfred and Jack Napier, their agent they deployed at Arkham.[1]

As Tommy promised to clean the city and that they can start liberating the city today, Bruce stated that he had forgotten what day it was and soon he will too. Thomas was later declared missing, and the control of Wayne Industries passed on to Alfred.[1]




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