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Quote1 You've had your time on the altar. You've made this city into something that can work perfectly for you. I'm here to take it all away. Everything you've never deserved. Quote2
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Thomas "Tommy" Elliot was Hush, a childhood friend and later enemy of Batman.

Tommy Elliot was once the best friend of Bruce Wayne, giving him company while also playing cards with Alfred Pennyworth. Wanting to relate better to the orphaned Wayne, he severed the transmission cables on his family's car, causing a car crash that killed both of his parents, orphaning himself as well.

Jealous of his friend, Elliot began dressing like Bruce, attempting to court the same women in school, eventually getting to the point of calling himself Bruce Wayne in order to get the attention of women. When Bruce found out the latter, Thomas told that he believed that Bruce was ignoring the fact that he had everything he could ever want in life. This ignorance to Bruce Wayne's grief caused a rift between the friends, the obsession with Bruce gave way to the disguised hatred of him, resulting in him angrily bashing his forehead into a mirror, injuring himself, but bandaging his wound soon after along with the rest of his head. Seeing himself as exactly like Bruce, Thomas proceeded to develop an identity as "Hush" once he learned of Bruce's new role as Batman.[1]

Years later, after failing to defeat Batman once, Hush resurfaced as part of a scheme to undermine everything his former friend had built in Gotham, including his allies, identity, and reputation, with the help of other criminals such as Cluemaster. As one of his initial acts in a more direct manner in this scheme, he injected Alfred with pure Fear Toxin directly into his brain, in order to send him to Arkham Asylum.[2] He later framed Batman for the destruction of Commissioner Jason Bard's office, while admitting his part in the plans around Gotham and claiming he was the mastermind behind it all.[3]


Other Characteristics

  • Obsession: Elliot appears to have a psychological obsession with destroying everything Bruce Wayne has so that he can have it for himself, feeling that Wayne never deserved nor truly appreciated the "perfect" life he has had.[1]



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