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Quote1.png But I'll never understand how Bivolo could've his father's inventions to take up crime and call himself the Rainbow Raider! Me, I feel ridiculous every time I put on this skintight circus outfit! Quote2.png
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Doctor Spectro was an enemy of Captain Atom who used colorful beams of light that could affect people's emotions.

Thomas Emery was the lab assistant of Professor Bivolo, the father of the Rainbow Raider. When the younger Bivolo began his criminal career, Emery followed his example and stole his employer's light-based technology. But unlike the Rainbow Raider, Bivolo operated discreetly to avoid the unwanted attentions of superheroes.

During the public debut of Captain Atom, the government fabricated a supervillain called Doctor Spectro whose exploits were used to provide a cover story for the Captain Atom Project. Emery was mistaken by a newspaper reporter for Doctor Spectro due to the fact the made-up supervillain used the same technology as the Rainbow Raider's. After Emery murdered the reporter, he decided to adopt the Doctor Spectro identity. He publicly committed several crimes with the intent of drawing attention to himself and then blackmailing General Wade Eiling into putting him on a government pay-roll while threatening to expose the truth of the Captain Atom Project. Eventually, Emery came into his first conflict with Captain Atom and was subsequently arrested.

Not long afterward, Emery was drafted by General Eiling to use his expertise in Project Atom; specifically to stage the public debut of Major Force. Emery was later rendered into a coma by Charlie Hendel, another man working under Eiling, who then took over Emery's Doctor Spectro persona.


  • Spectro Beam: Dr. Spectro has a prism projector built into his costume that emits colorful beams of light that cause a number of negative effects in people.