The Spider was, in reality, big-game hunter and playboy Tom Hallaway.


In the early 1940s, in New York City, one millionaire playboy got tired of seeing criminals have their own way everywhere, harassing and murdering honest citizens. Tom Hallaway was an experienced big game hunter, who adapted his methods to prey on the gangsters and racketeers. Adopting the alias of "the Spider, and wielding a deadly bow, Hallaway carved a deadly swathe thru the ranks of New York's criminal underworld.


Early in his career he hired a chauffer named Harry, and later had a henchman named Chuck.





  • Spider Seals: Custom arrows, that burst into flame upon shooting, and which bore a scarab-like tip that branded itself into its target.
  • Conventional large-game hunting arrows. (No other "trick" arrows.)

  • Tom Hallaway appeared in a feature called "Alias the Spider". However, his super-hero name was just the Spider. He did not go around calling himself "Alias the Spider".
  • On New Earth, Tom Hallaway was a criminal who posed as a superhero to eliminate competition. However, there is no evidence that the Quality Universe Tom Hallaway was a secret criminal.



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