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Thomas Haukins was a frontiersman and soldier in the 18th Century.

Thomas "Tomahawk" Haukins served his country since before it even was a country. During the French and Indian Wars he served in Pennsylvania and New York, under Lieutenant George Washington. During the Revolutionary War, he did so again, roving across most of the American Colonies plus Ontario and Quebec. Haukins was one of Washington's most capable operatives, leading a band of soldiers under the informal nickname of "Tomahawk's Rangers". During this period, Haukins encountered many adversaries, most notably the British nobleman and spy Gerald Shilling.[citation needed]

By the year 1800, Haukins had fallen upon hard times and became a tax collector in Gotham Town. On the celebrations of the New Year, a drunken Haukins was tricked by Gerald Shilling, who disguised himself as Haukins' close ally Leroy "Stovepipe" Johnson, in obtaining a mystical piece of amber containing the spirit of an earth elemental in the guise of collecting taxes from the Transvaal Trader before it left port. The Transvaal Trader was also the ship carrying Shilling's employer, Jason Blood. Through the evening, Haukins acquired the coveted amber crystal from an Apache woman named Moon Fawn. Haukins soon became sobered up enough that he could see through Shilling's disguise. The two fought one another, and during the fight, the essence of the earth elemental trapped in the amber used its powers to dash their boat along the embankment. Haukins and Shilling continued to fight one another on dry land, and they fell through a chasm into an immense bat-filled batcave. During the struggle, Haukins lost the amber fragment and it fell into a pool of molten liquid. Shilling reached his hand into the liquid to retrieve it, but upon doing so, the amber was fused to his hand, mummifying the entirety of his arm. Haukins tore the desiccated limb free from its socket and left Lord Shilling for dead. Thereafter he re-encountered Moon Fawn and her father Wise Owl, and they explained to him about the origins of the amber rock, and the prophecy of the earth elemental. He also learned that he was destined to wed Moon Fawn, and that she would bear his children.[1]

Haukins subsequently fell in love with Moon Fawn, abandoned the ways of the "civilized" world, and returnws to the wilderness with her. They lived in Echo Valley and were married. Shortly thereafter, Moon Fawn gave birth to Haukins' son, Hawk. She later gave birth to another son, Small Eagle.



Iroquois-style Tomahawk

  • Haukins acquired his nickname "Tomahawk," partly for his proficiency with that weapon.



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